Raising the Cycling Tourism Movement in the Middle of a Pandemic

96 percent of all vacation destinations in the world cannot be visited during the Coronavirus pandemic. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) together with Edu and Endy and the crew from the Java Private Tour undertook several strategies to revive the tourism sector and drafted an end to restrictions and quarantine, This crisis has shown us the power of solidarity across borders.

The phrase "you will be fine" will not save millions of tourism jobs that are in danger of being lost, The cycling tour movement that Java Private Tour is doing by visiting various tourist objects on the island of Java is a movement to inspire all other countries and provide support to the world tourism sector, so that it can pave the way for rebuilding the economy.

The main thing now is not how to get back to its original state as soon as possible, but to build trust and control the situation and communicate it credibly to the public.

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