Between Me, You and My Vespa. Love Doesn’t Always Have to Ride

Before I was shocked about the news that Lucinta Luna was a man, and the earth was flat, I was shocked by my father. My father was very ignorant when I got a good ranking in school, relax too, even though I often wandered up to go home after midnight, one afternoon in 2003 he asked in Javanese, “Kowe pengen pit montor opo, Le?” which means "What kind of motorcycle do you want, son?", my father asked.

Although I was surprised I was able to answer firmly, "Vespa!", Yes Vespa, Piaggio, the reason I want Vespa is simple, I am a big fan of The Rolling Stones, interested in The Mod youth movement in England, I also like the Quadrophenia movie and of course the band The Who, and the most important thing at that time was so that I looked flamboyant, vintage and rock roll, and of course I could take my girlfriend around the city with Vespa, Long story short, my father finally bought me a 1977 Vespa Sprint, light blue, then I recovered and returned to its original form with all kinds of parts, so it looks more presentable, elegant and classic. And in the end it turned out that my Vespa classic made a lot of love stories, and my love story ended with my girlfriend too because of Vespa, so in my opinion the Vespa is Classic, Vespa is Romantic, Vespa always accompany my Love Adventure LOL :)


Vespa History,
Post war, Vespa also witnessed the rise of the Italian State, not only a cultural icon, but also increasingly favored by young people, Since its launch in early 1946, Vespa has become the most popular scooter in the world.  At that time the newly defeated Italy needed the real sector to revive the country's economy. Corradino D'ascanio, is a figure who contributed in the design of the Vespa. The former engineer was embraced by businessman Enrico Piaggio who later popularized his scooter as a mode of transportation within the city and between villages.

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D’Ascanio make a design that is simple, economical, comfortable and also elegant. D'Ascanio dreams of a new vehicle revolution. By taking an overview of aircraft technology, he imagined a vehicle built with a "Monocoque" or Unibody Steel Chassis. Front forks like tires land an airplane which is easy for tire replacement. The result is a design inspired by aircraft that is so far different from other vehicles.

Initially Piaggio scooters will be baptized with the name 'Paperino' aka little duck. But after seeing the results of the design that turned out to be more like a wasp, the name Paperino was not given. Vespa, Piaggio was promoted initially as a mode of transportation for young professionals and women, because the rider could be protected from splashes of mud and oil. So the first Vespa ad that appeared in 1946 explicitly displayed images of career women on their way to work. The progressive message was apparently welcomed by the Italian public who were celebrating the guarantee of suffrage for women.

For the first time Vespa worldwide after appearing in the film "Roman Holiday", starring Hollywood Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.  In the film that was released in 1953, they roamed the city of Rome with Vespa. In the 1970s, Vespa became an icon of The Mod youth movement in England. The military uniformed teenager who likes to travel around the city on a scooter was also an inspiration for the film "Quadrophenia" which put forward the band The Who. Of course Vespa also played a big role in the film.

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Many countries make driving licenses for teenagers to get a scooter. In Italy, a small driver's license called Patentino only implies that someone is 14 years old. Therefore, Vespa is not only popular with urban professionals, but also teenagers in villages who crave freedom. Since it was first launched in 1946, more than 18 million Vespa units have been sold worldwide. Those who love scooters are called "Vespisti" in Italian. Vespa's form also inspires imitation in various countries, including Fuji Rabbit in Japan, Zündapp Bella in Germany, Triumph Trigress in England and Russian-made Vyatka.


After seventeen years have passed, and I can have my own income, although now I use other vehicles that are more modern, but I do not sell my old Vespa. Someone once offered thirty million rupiah, but I insisted I didn't sell it, because the historical value and the memories were so meaningful, a few weeks ago to fill the time of large-scale social restrictions in Indonesia due to the Covid-19 Corona pandemic, to fill the time, then I paint my old Vespa again for the second time since I first bought it in 2003, now the condition is brighter, then I put it in the garage, sometimes I clean it and I enjoy it by looking at it.

The Vespa slogan in Indonesia is "It's better to ride a Vespa" that I once believed, I have discarded, I replace it with "It's better to look at a Vespa". Because, love does not always have to ride, even though we can have it.



Information about the history type of Vespa can be seen on

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