Ijen Crater Volcano That Spewed Blue Lava

Ijen Crater is a crater shaped like a lake and this is the largest on the island of Java, which is located between dams formed by natural processes with a depth of almost 300 meters and contains about 40 million cubic meters of acidic water, and the crater is located hidden in the sea.  between the flaming blue rock walls and the scorching heat is the main attraction in Ijen.

Who, and what will you enjoy when you experience the Ijen Crater adventure?
Mountaineers and hikers who love the beauty of the wild, natural phenomena, and are not afraid of uncertainty about natural events, and you can also see real life in the village of Ijen, namely the daily activities of the people of Ijen village who work as sulfur miners, they climb and descend into the crater, and will certainly be something that will attract your attention, every day one stone miner is able to carry 25-50 kg of mineral rock, carried by a basket on his shoulder, up and down mountain slopes for more than 20-30 kilometers to sell the stone in the city.

The highlands of the Ijen mountains are located in the middle of the Ijen Nature Reserve bordering Merapi Malang, whose position stretches in a mountainous area to the west of Banyuwangi, and borders the Baluran National Park to the northeast. If you use a commercial plane from Denpasar, Surabaya, Yogyakarta or Jakarta to Banyuwangi, from the height of the plane you can see the landscape of the Ijen plateau and the beautiful blue and green crater lakes which from a height will look radiant, and also Mount Bromo.

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Oliver Grunewald,
According to a Paris-based photographer, Olivier Grunewald, it is when the sulphuric gases come out of the vents or cracks in the volcano and get in contact with the oxygen-rich atmospheric air that the light is produced. This is the reason behind the blue flame which flows down the slope as burning hot liquid sulphur, after the sulphur gases condense, giving the illusion of lava flowing after a volcanic eruption.
Marc Szeglat,
German videographer and volcano explorer Marc Szeglat captured the scene of the blue fire, and commented that the phenomenon is both terrifying and amazing, and a must-have on every travel enthusiast and photographer's bucket list.
The amazing view of the volcano ijen crater in Indonesia will leave you in natural admiration. a phenomenal and rare sight of flowing blue lava, when the no-fly due to COVID-19 opens, the Ijen Crater volcano in Indonesia will enter the list of adventures for travel enthusiasts and world photographers. One good thing out of this coronavirus lockdown is the massive appreciation of nature that has built inside us which was previously taken for granted and adding to the list of mesmerising sights is Indonesia's Kawah Ijen volcano. Not many know that instead of red hot lava, the Ijen volcano burns blue or so it seems from the sapphire coloured lava that trickles down its slope. However, experts argue that the lava is not blue, instead the volcano contains large deposits of pure sulphur which gives off the incredible "neon blue" colour as it burns. When sulphur is spewed out at such high temperatures and pressures, its lava glows blue. 

Best time to visit Ijen Crater,
Java Private Tour also adds the latest recommendations for the convenience of those of you who want to visit the Ijen crater, it is highly recommended to go during the dry season in East Java, because the weather conditions are sunny and not rainy, which is between May to October, and also avoid holidays and long weekends, because there will be a lot of visitors who will walk the path from the base camp to the crater rim during this period of the day, and do a hike after sunset to see the natural phenomenon of volcanic blue fire by ending with enjoying the sunrise at Ijen Crater.

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How to find a Good Guide in Ijen?
personally I will answer the questions for this one, and also give the best advice.

You wont be able to manage all this yourself, and it wont be enough just to read various reviews and literature on Ijen to prepare yourself.

You should also know how important it is to use a professional service at Ijen!
If this is your first experience, or if you have done many other adventures around the world, Java Private Tour as a professional in the field of tourism and transportation, especially adventure, strongly recommends not do your own preparation, firstly because too much time will be wasted, and you also don't fully know and realize the local culture and climbing terrain in Ijen Crater, various potential dangers, real possibilities definitely exist, but Java Private Tour know very well how to behave in dangerous situations, but to avoid this you can take professional guidance from Java Private Tour to save more time and hassle, even Java Private Tour will make sure  your safety and comfort, and you dont need to do mass tours, because the Java Private Tour service is private.

With the Java Private Tour you will find the best professional guides on the islands of Java and Bali, every crew from the Java Private Tour is able to speak English and various other foreign languages, and speak Indonesian by understanding various local dialects, well known by the locals around the crater ijen and really understands the character of each local resident and how to deal with them, and ensures that you are safe during your adventure in Ijen Crater, and also a Java Private Tour can arrange all your needs, ranging from transportation, accommodation, climbing equipment, and also your food and drink needs.

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