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Adventure Private Tour in Ijen Mountain East Java

Mount Ijen is an active volcano located on the border between Banyuwangi Regency and Bondowoso Regency, East Java, Indonesia. This mountain has an altitude of 2,443 masl and is located side by side with Mount Merapi. The last Mount Ijen erupted in 1999. One of the most famous natural phenomena of Mount Ijen is the crater located at its peak. This mountain climbing can be started from several places. Climber can depart from Banyuwangi or from Bondowoso.

Climbing route

To reach the crater of Mount Ijen from Banyuwangi, you can use an economic train with the destination Banyuwangi and get off at Karangasem Station then take an ojek with the destination of Licin District and Banyusari Village. From Banyusari, the journey continues to Paltuding by riding a sulfur transport truck or using a bus and going down in Banyuwangi city then riding an ojek can go directly to Paltuding or to Banyusari Village as well but by using the bus the fare will be more expensive. The main gate to the Ijen Crater Park Nature Reserve is located in Paltuding, which is also a PHPA Post (Forest Protection and Nature Conservation). The alternative route is Bondowoso – Wonosari – Tapen – Sempol – Paltuding. Other facilities that can be enjoyed by visitors include tourist huts and stalls that sell climbing needs to witness the beauty of Ijen crater. From Paltuding walk about 3 km. The initial track as far as 1.5 km is quite heavy due to uphill. Most of the lines are with a slope of 25-35 degrees. In addition to climbing, the soil structure is also sandy so it adds to the heavier footsteps because they have to hold their weight so that they do not slide backwards. After resting at Pos Bunder (a unique post because it has a circular shape), the next path is relatively rather sloping, but tourists / climbers are treated to a view of a very beautiful mountain range. To go down to the crater must cross a rocky terrain as far as 250 meters with steep conditions.

Ijen crater

Ijen Crater is an acidic crater lake located at the top of Mount Ijen with a height of 2,443 meters above sea level with a lake depth of 200 meters and an area of ​​craters reaching 5,466 Hectares. Ijen crater lake is known to be the largest acidic lake in the world [1]. Ijen Crater is in the area of ​​Ijen Tourism Park, Bondowoso Regency and Banyuwangi Regency, East Java. Every morning around 02.00 to 04.00, around the crater can be found a blue fire or blue fire phenomenon, which is the uniqueness of this place, because this natural scenery only occurs in two places in the world namely Iceland and Ijen. From Ijen Crater, we can see other mountain views in the Ijen Mountain complex, including the summit of Mount Merapi which is east of Ijen Crater, Raung Mountain, Suket Mountain, Rante Mountain, and so on.