To accelerate the recovery of tourist destinations in Indonesia, especially Java, Java Private Tour gets the first opportunity to vaccinate Covid 19, this is a form of participating in the Java Private Tour in helping the government implement the national COVID-19 vaccination program which is expected to expand vaccination coverage, so that herd immunity can be achieved immediately.

To accelerate the recovery program in the tourism sector, the government of the republic of Indonesia and the ministry of tourism cannot work alone, of course it requires assistance and support from many parties in its implementation, which must involve all components of the nation so that vaccination coverage can be accelerated and expanded, one of which is Java Private Tour which already has a good track record in the international world in terms of developing and advancing tourism and transportation in Java Island. Because by involving all components of the nation, more and more will be protected.  The importance of vaccination to accelerate the recovery of the tourism sector. Because, with high interaction and mobility, tourism actors are very vulnerable to being infected with COVID-19. Vaccination will be a big hope for realizing a safe and healthy tourism area.

The entire vaccination process is carried out by implementing strict health protocols such as wearing masks, maintaining distance and providing hand washing facilities and hand sanitizers at the vaccination sites. To prevent accumulation, the vaccination participants must arrive at the time specified in the invitation. As far as vaccination is carried out, no serious side effects have been reported.  Vaccination participants experienced no specific symptoms or reactions.

With this vaccine, Java Private Tour is very happy and proud, because the government of the Republic of Indonesia is very serious about improving public health. The COVID-19 vaccine is the most important part in the recovery of Indonesia's tourism industry. The availability of vaccines continues to be a source of hope for people to return to normal situations and encourage confidence that they can travel safely. Java Private Tour is very pleased and warmly welcomed to continue to commit and continue to provide support to the tourism sector and the creative economy of the republic of Indonesia.

When the tourism sector returns to life, the Indonesian economy will be able to recover again and the people's sources of livelihood can be maintained. Here the Java Private Tour also advises the public not to be afraid to be vaccinated because it is very effective in suppressing the spread of the virus. Let us together support the vaccination program for the acceleration of national and international economic recovery.