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School Leadership Basic Training Program.

One of the excellent programs that the Java Private Tour offers is the School Leadership Basic Training Program, which is a training on basic leadership that is usually held to prepare students who will be active in school organizations, although it does not rule out the possibility for all levels of education starting from elementary school, junior high school, senior high school and university students, because the seeds of potential future leaders must be prepared as early as possible to become a relay connector for today's struggle.

The educational motivator teams from the Java Private Tour are ready to accompany this basic school leadership training program with training concepts that are tailored to your needs, either with an "in door" theme, or with an "outdoor" or "Outbound" theme.

It is appropriate that at the age of adolescence are more introduced to the values ​​of discipline, responsibility, and courage to cultivate the soul and character of leadership. A variety of leadership training methods are offered by Java Private Tour as a company that is well known in several countries, methods and themes that are often done by the Java Private Tour is an experiential learning approach, as a non-formal educational method that involves students to undergo, practice and take values ​​that can change their behavior. Experiental Learning or in the training industry is better known as Outbound. This Outbound Experiental Learning is what we use as an instrument to deliver messages that are laden with content about leadership, especially for teenagers.

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Outbound Basic School Leadership Training to facilitate mental leadership development activities for teenagers, and students with the specifications that the Java Private Tour provides are as follows :

The outbound program is a basic school leadership exercise with a duration of half a day.

This is a leadership coaching program whose implementation time takes 6 hours effectively in 1 day. In this program students will get material which includes:

•Basic Leadership
•Personal Challenge
•Team Work Challenge

The space that will be used to deliver material is full outdoor with Outbound activities that are tailored to the needs.

The outbound program is the basic training of 2D1N school leadership.

Coaching is carried out with a longer time, which is 2 days 1 night, or an effective time of 12 hours of activity. In this program students will get material about Basic Leadership, motivation with NLP (Neuro Lingustic Program), with branches of material that can be chosen include:

1.Learning motivation, Spiritual Building, Motivation for School Orientation.

2.Personal Challenge, individual challenge.

3.Team Work Challenge, the challenge of working together in groups.

The space that will be used to convey material is 80% outdoor, and 20% indoor filled with game themes and various fun games simulations.

Preview of basic school leadership training programs.
Broadly speaking there are 4 stages in the Outbound Leadership training organized by the Java Private Tour, namely:

Forming, namely the opening segment, participants will be equipped with culture training, safety talk, briefing rundown, and initial commitment of the training.

Storming, participants will be divided into small groups that will be given assignments per group in the form of simulations that must be solved with the team by being observed by our facilitator team to do the assessment.

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Norming, surgical meaning to take insight from every simulation that has been done.

the final project in this training, where all participants will gather in one name, their main task is to test their ability to unite to complete the final team building simulation with many different teams and individuals, this performance is to prove their espirit de corps to their unity or school,  or their organization.

For the needs of the Outbound Java Private Tour Program – Basic School Leadership Training, you can consult our Java Private Tour Team, and regarding the selection of several places or regions that you want to use, we can adjust it to your liking, because our range of services covers the whole of Java and Bali.


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