Sepa Island (Thousand Island)

Sepa Island (Thousand Island)

Ever imagined how it feels to vacation on a small island?, Yes, it must feel like being on a private island. Enjoy a 2D1N tour of the beautiful Sepa Island, one of the thousand islands in Jakarta.Two hour boat trip from Marina Ancol Jakarta Harbor to Thousand Islands. The Thousand Islands has many islands, one of which is Sepa Island. Relax on the quiet and peaceful Island of Sepa by snorkeling, diving or exploring the island.

That is what you will feel while on vacation in Sepa Island. However, don't imagine an empty island without anything, the size of Sepa Island in the Thousand Islands is no more than 3.5 hectares, and the island is also uninhabited.  However, you will find facilities that are quite comfortable on this tiny island. Yes, Sepa Island is indeed developed as a standard resort island with quite good management by the owner. Thus, visitors not only feel comfortable, but also feel special treated while traveling here.

Sepa Island, or better known as Sepa Island Resort is located in the North Thousand Islands region, about 100 km from Marina Ancol Pier, Jakarta and can be taken approximately 2 hours by speedboat.  Sepa Island is known as an island that has beaches with clean white sand like turquoise crystals.

The sea is clear and still natural with live coral reefs that are still developing among the diversity of marine species, making Sepa Island very well known as the best diving spot. Sepa Island is a paradise for lovers of subsurface activities, snorkeling or scuba diving.

Sepa Island Resort has beautiful cottages with private terraces overlooking the sea, built in a traditional style that blends naturally with the natural surroundings. Small natural forests provide clean and fresh pollution free healthy weather.  Recreation and water sports are also fully available. Make Sepa Island your marine tourism destination.

Unlike the other islands in the Thousand Islands such as Tidung Island, Harapan Island, or Pramuka Island, Sepa Island is an island that is managed privately and is intended for tourists who come through the management of the island, one of which is the Java Private Tour, and facilities available on the island  this is very good, especially the facilitation of accommodation managed by professional management.  So, you don't need to worry about your safety and comfort during your vacation.

Sepa Island Thousand Islands has a very small area. However, in it is available a number of standard resort facilities to ensure visitor comfort. Yes, this island is specifically managed as a unique tourist destination in the Thousand Islands. Among the available facilities are:

Watersports facilities, such as canoe, banana boat, and jet ski, marine walker, and knee board.

Snorkeling equipment, such as traditional boats and diving equipment.

Gazebo and sun loungers to relax by the beach while enjoying the charming natural scenery.  You can also sit and relax here to enjoy the sunset.

Children's play area and Beachside barbeque arena.

38 Cottages with several types of choices such as bungalows with the style of architecture 'village house.' Each unit of the bungalow and cottage is certainly equipped with standard resort equipment, such as TV, AC, and bathroom.

Restaurant with an open design and natural feel, because it is made of wood and bamboo.  You can enjoy the feel of being one with nature while enjoying food and chatting with relatives or other tourists.

Art shop, which provides T-shirts, unique souvenirs as a memento from Sepa Island.



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