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Adventure Private Tour in Salak Mountain Bogor West Java to Explore The Queen Of Crater

Highest Point :

  • Elevation   : 2.221 asl (7.287 ft)
  • coordinate : 6,43°LS 106,44°BT
  • Wide           : 1.133,57 km²

Geography :

  • Location    : West Java, Indonesia

Mount Halimun – Salak National Park  is one of the national parks located in West Java. This conservation area of 113,357 hectares is important because it protects the largest lowland rain forest in the area, and as a catchment area for surrounding districts. Scoping mountainous areas, the two highest peaks are Mount Halimun (1,929 m) and Mount Salak (2,211 m). The biodiversity it contains includes the highest, with the existence of several important fauna species that are protected here like Javanese eagles, leopard java, Javan gibbon, surili and others. The area of GHSNP and surrounding areas is also home to several indigenous groups, including the indigenous people of Kasepuhan Banten Kidul and Baduy communities.

Nature tourism destination is now a lot of attention to visitors. For those of you who live in the area of ​​Bogor or Sukabumi, the tour to the Crater of the Queen of Mount Salak could be an alternative recreation of your adventure in the open.

Kawah Ratu (Queen of Crater)

Ratu Crater is an active crater on Mount Salak. Location of this crater is located at an altitude of about 1437 masl. The uniqueness of this crater with the flow of Cikuluwung River that flows about 1 km. River water is increasingly adding ekseksotikan Comrade Mountain Salah with blue water alira toska when viewed from a distance. And when closer, the flow of the river looks yellow in the presence of sulfur deposits.

From the location of Kawah Ratu itself the natural adventurers can get to the peak of Salak I which is at an altitude of 2222 mdpl and Peak Salak II which is at an altitude of 2180 mdpl. Salak peak itself by the surrounding population is known thick with mystical stories. The area of ​​the Queen Crater on Mount Salak is not as wide as Kawah Ratu Tangkuban Parahu. The shape itself resembles smoky limestone hills at many points. In the center there is a kind of basin that forms a small pool of liquid and smoke.

Video : The Amazing Queen of Crater