Museum Ullen Sentalu, A Fascinating Dive into Javanese Culture

Ullen Sentalu Museum Yogyakarta – When embarking on a journey to Yogyakarta, immersing yourself in Javanese culture is an essential part of the experience. For travelers seeking a deeper connection to the heritage of this magnificent island, Museum Ullen Sentalu is a must-visit destination.

Nestled on the slopes of Mount Merapi, Museum Ullen Sentalu offers an enriching cultural experience that perfectly complements your holiday, research, journalism assignment, or any other purpose for your visit. As we delve into this cultural treasure trove, we’ll explore its history, collections, opening hours, and the unique philosophy behind its name.


Unveiling Museum Ullen Sentalu

Museum Ullen Sentalu is a testament to the rich Javanese culture and the legacy of the noble families of the Mataram Kingdom in Yogyakarta and Solo. Originally owned by the Haryono family, it has since received generous contributions from noble families of Kasultanan Yogyakarta, Kadipaten Pakualaman, Kasunanan Surakarta, and Pura Mangkunegaran.

The museum’s collections encompass a diverse range of Javanese cultural artifacts, including batik, intellectual works such as poetry and writings, traditional musical instruments like gamelan, paintings, Javanese furniture, and more. The architecture of Museum Ullen Sentalu is a striking blend of modern art and classic Javanese design. Surrounded by lush greenery, the museum’s name, Ullen Sentalu, is an acronym derived from Javanese philosophy, “ulating blencong sejatining tataraning lumaku,” meaning “light is the guide to life.”


A Guided Exploration

Visitors to Museum Ullen Sentalu are guided by educators who vividly narrate the stories behind the museum’s collections. The tour typically lasts about 45 minutes, taking you through two main areas: Guwa Sela Giri and Kampung Kambang. After the tour, don’t miss the opportunity to capture a photo at the iconic leaning relief.

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Within the museum, you’ll encounter a variety of masterpieces, including the Jagad Gallery, Sasan Sekar Bawana, and Esther Huis. The museum is open every day except for Mondays, with operating hours from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

Museum Ullen Sentalu’s unique name, “Ulating blencong sejatine tataraning lumaku,” reflects its role as a guiding light for visitors to navigate the complexities of life.

museum ullen sentalu collection

A Glimpse into Javanese History

Museum Ullen Sentalu offers a fascinating insight into the history of the fractured Mataram Kingdom, divided into four royal courts in Solo and Yogyakarta: Kasunanan Surakarta, Kesultanan Yogyakarta, Praja Mangkunegaran, and Kadipaten Pakualaman. Visitors can view numerous paintings and photographs of nobility from that era, along with collections of Solo and Yogyakarta batik, ancient gamelan instruments, Hindu and Buddhist cultural relics, and much more.

The museum was conceived by the Haryono family, who are both descendants of nobility and avid collectors of Javanese cultural heritage. In addition to their contributions, Museum Ullen Sentalu’s collections have been enriched through donations from the Ulating Blencong Foundation, which manages the museum, and esteemed members of the Mataram royal families.

Batik Room at Museum Ullen Sentalu

The Enchanting “Ruang Syair untuk Tineke”

One of the museum’s most captivating chambers is the “Ruang Syair untuk Tineke.” Named after Tineke, the Dutch daughter of Sunan Surakarta Pakubuwono XI, this room preserves a unique story of heartbreak. Tineke, deeply in love with someone considered beneath her station, received a plethora of love letters and consoling poems from her siblings and friends. The poignant contents of these letters can be explored within this room.

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Curious to know how Tineke’s love story unfolded? You’ll have to visit the museum to uncover the rest of this intriguing tale.

Ruang Syair untuk Tineke

Architectural Elegance

The museum’s architectural design incorporates natural stone pillars reminiscent of tropical homes. As you navigate the museum’s interior, you’ll encounter a white building with pointed facades, reminiscent of European castles. The architectural concept of Museum Ullen Sentalu is inspired by Yoshio Taniguchi, the Japanese architect responsible for the redesign of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA). It emphasizes that architecture, as the highest form of art, should seamlessly integrate with the museum’s collections, creating a harmonious environment.

ullen sentalu museum architectural

A Photo-Friendly Environment

While photography inside Museum Ullen Sentalu is restricted in most areas, the museum provides designated spots for visitors to capture their memories. One such spot is the replica of the Borobudur Temple relief, set at an angle to symbolize the declining interest of the younger generation in Javanese art and culture.

ullen sentalu museum photo spot

How to Reach Museum Ullen Sentalu

Located 25 km north of Yogyakarta’s city center, reaching the museum is convenient by either private or public transportation. The museum is situated on Jalan Boyong KM 25, Kaliurang Barat, Sleman, Yogyakarta. Keep in mind that the museum is closed on Mondays, and ticket purchases and the last tour are available until 30 minutes before closing time.

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