Arrival : Bali
Tour Duration : 3 Day
1. Dance and Gamelan classes: in this class you can learn traditional Balinese dance and music.
2. Batik Class: You will learn the process of making Batik, starting from plain white clothes and turning them into beautiful works of art.
3. Painting Class: Batuan Village painting style is a unique style of painting found only in Batuan Village, you can learn to paint this style in this class.
4. Wood Carving Class: get experience using traditional equipment, you will carve a piece of wood using traditional chisels and wooden hammers.
5. Leather Carving Class: learn how to turn a piece of buffalo skin into a doll or traditional dance accessory.
You will learn in our workshop, and an open stage called "Umah Kodok". For three days you will stay close to our family, and we host you, and learn our art and way of life.
One of the old villages in Bali is Batuan Village, also known as Village of art. Batuan Village is home to many great artists, great dancers, musicians, and painters come from this village. Almost everyone learns art from a very young age to preserve Balinese culture.
Day 1
Arrival and First Lessons - Bali Art Class.
When you arrive at Umah Kodok, we will take you around to give you a brief description of the arts and culture of Bali. You can see a collection of dance costumes, masks and headdresses.  During this introductory class, you can ask questions about Balinese culture and to your host.  After that, you will have lunch and can proceed to your room to rest before you begin your first lesson.
Starting around 3:00 pm, you will begin your first lesson. in this class, the teacher will teach you especially about the basic Balinese art of your choice. For two hours, the lesson will be the basis for your next step. You will find some interesting techniques and the teacher will be happy to explain to you if you have questions.
After the lesson, you can rest and prepare for dinner.  Dinner will be prepared by your host.  You can also feel the atmosphere of a Balinese family at your first dinner there.
Day 2
Visiting the village of Pura Batu Village
You will wake up early and have breakfast. Your second lesson starts at around 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning.  Feel the calm weather in the village and you can hear the sound of birds chattering. Right across the fence of Umah Kodok, there is a rice field. If you are lucky enough, you can see green rice plants and farmers taking care of their plants. You can feel the sensation of learning art when you are very close to nature.
Clean yourself after class. We will go to the Temple Batuan Village.This temple has a prehistoric building in the complex. Don't forget to bring your camera and take lots of photos, other alternatives, we can go to the Batuan Museum, this privately owned museum has a large collection of paintings. Starting from classical paintings and modern art, you can learn a lot from their collections. These two places can be reached on foot from Umah Kodok. Don't forget to bring your hat.
Returning to Umah Kodok, you can have lunch and rest before your second class begins. At 3:00pm your class will begin.  After completing your class, you will have time to observe nature near Umah Kodok.  You can go to the rice fields and see the sunset or socialize with people around.
Day 3 
Bali Art Camp
Today's lesson will be your last lesson in a Balinese art class.  Get up early and take your breakfast.  Your free time after class can be spent meeting people and taking photos in the village.  You will have lunch before heading to your next destination.  We hope you enjoy this three-day camp and enjoy an unforgettable unique experience.

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