Arrival : Jakarta
Day of tour : 2D1N


Welcome to Paradise Island. Pulau Macan Village & Eco Resort is very nice and simple. Tiger Island will introduce you to some of the solutions that have been implemented to make the world better. Buildings are made of nature, energy efficient and smart, water conservation, waste management, coral conservation, community development and healthy food and drinks. Pulau Macan was built on the basis of respect for nature and living side by side in harmony on two small islands in the northern part of the Thousand Islands, two hours from the big city of Jakarta.

Everyone comes to Pulau Macan to snorkel on several islands. This is the main thing we recommend for all guests who come. You will find clusters of coral reefs that are still natural, maintained and maintained.  Under the surface of the sea Macan Island you will find the best corals. Underwater life will also bind your experience during a visit here. The wild life around the coral reefs will never stop giving new surprises for those of you who first come here.

Pulau Macan Village & Eco Resort is located in the Harapan Island region in the North Thousand Islands of Jakarta.  Lodging with the concept of environmentally friendly and natural, Macan Island is designed as well as an experimental inn for a better life. Pulau Macan looks after Guest to be responsible stewards of our environment and nature.

Sunset Hut Type, as the name suggests, this cottage offers a breathtaking sunset view directly from your room.  Imagine, how nice it is to relax in the room while enjoying the beautiful moment when the sun sets in the Western horizon.

Red brick, This cottage offers a distinctive rustic feel, with the inn dominated by the brick red color.

Eco Wood, Cottages highlighting the natural feel of wood.  You can feel the comfortable and warm atmosphere here.

Drift Wood. Cottage with a thicker feel of sea wood.  You will enjoy the typical marine atmosphere

Tent, Tentthemed cottages, presenting a natural camping feel that certainly gives its own pleasure.

Main Hut, Driftwood Bar,
Main Hut, Bamboo Bar & Sundeck
is the perfect place to relax, enjoy the view of the sea and small island, meet other guests, listen to music and watch the sunset.  This place is also a place to start snorkeling activities.  A beautiful place to light candles and dinners and connect with conversation late into the night.

Quiet Macan Kecil Island,
Silent & Quiet Island about 200 meters from our main island, another small island awaits you.  The island has a beautiful white sand beach on land untouched by development, a small cottage with drinking water, and a natural toilet. The coral reef at the bottom of the sea is beautiful, it's a shame to pass it by snorkeling, and it's the perfect place to feel at one with the universe. We also have a small trash center / place to pile up some of the organic material that drifts on our clean beaches.

The Club House,
the main building on the island consists of several tables, a kitchen room, a dining room, a pool table, a reading area, a 24-hour area to enjoy snacks and coffee and a place to watch movies. Most of our food is served buffet style here. The Clubhouse has wide open spaces that serve many different activities.

Equipment Hut & Store,
a place where to store all our snorkeling equipment and booties. We also have a small shop here that sells snacks, soap, souvenirs, and some other things that you might need or want to have during your stay on Macan Island.

Solar Panels, Cold Water, Fans, Rainwater Storage and Healthy Food (vegetarian). *So that you do not run out of place, Booking a place or the best reservation is 2 (two) months in advance.


Day I Trip to Macan Island Eco Resort:

07.00am-07.30am: Ancol Marina Meeting Point
07.30am-09.30am: Departure from Marina Ancol
09.30am-10.30am: Arrive at Macan Island
10.30am-11.30pm: Check in
12.00pm-01.00pm: Lunch at the Restaurant
01.00pm-04.00pm: Free program
04.00pm-05.00pm: Sunset
05.00pm-06.00pm: Coffee Break
06.00pm-06.30pm: Rest, and back to the Cottage
06.30pm-07.30pm: Dinner at the Restaurant
08.00pm - Free program


Day 2 Explore Eco Resort Macan Island:

05.00am-06.00am: Sunrise
07.00am-08.00am: Breakfast
08.00am-10.00am: Watersport & Hunting Photo
10.00am-11.30pm: Free Program
12.00om-01.00pm: Lunch at the Restaurant
01.00pm-01.30pm: Check out
02.30pm: Return to Ancol Marina


-Private Speedboat from Marina Ancol to Macan Island round trip (2 way back).
-Meals (Welcome snack D1, Breakfast D1 D2, Lunch D1 D2, D1 afternoon Snack D1, Dinner D1).
-Drinks (Milk & juice at 08.00am - 12.00noon : Coffee,Tea,Ginger Tea,Mineral Water at 08.00am - 20.00 pm).
-Accomodation Macan Island.
-Free using island Facilities such as : Snorkeling tools, Kayaking tools, Canoe, Standup Paddle Board, Pool Table, and Table Tennis.
-Private Transportation For Pick up from your Hotel to Marina Ancol (2 way back) & Jakarta City Tour with Private Guide (last day after Macan Island Tour).
-Island Host (accompany you during the tour in Pulau Macan).

Island Host on the island who will serve guests if there are questions/requests, it's just that this Island Host from our Pulau Macan management will not only serve you, but he will also take care of other guests as well.

- Snorkeling can be done in the waters around Macan Island as well without having to rent a boat.

- If guests want to go on a snorkeling trip, they must rent a wooden boat whose availability can only be checked when you arrive on the island later.

- Macan Island management does not provide island hopping at this time.

- Coral Planting can only be done for group visits with island charters because currently Macan Island is limiting coral planting projects. We haven't started the project yet (since pandemic) because this project is not just planting but requires extra care.

- Private sunset viewing can be done if you use a canoe/kayak to the middle of the sea (if room you will be staying cannot see the sunset directly)

Pulau Macan currently does not provide underwater camera rental or documentation services.  Guests (you) can bring their own camera to document the trip.

Our BBQ menu is ready-to-eat, at this time guests cannot do their own barbeque, to minimize the possibility of unwanted things happening because the Macan Island area is filled with wooden buildings and flammable thatched roofs. We offer all bbq options per kilogram, which we will inform you of the pricelist later.  and the Barbeque Menu must be ordered at least 3 days before the departure date.

Canoe/kayak facilities are included in the package and can be used interchangeably with other guests. So for later use it depends on when on the island, it cannot be booked from the start before guests arrive.





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