Arrival from : Banyuwangi
Day of tour : 2D1N


Sukamade Beach Tour Package is a trip to explore the process of turtle nesting and conservation of sea turtles on the beach of Sukamade Banyuwangi, you will do an adventure at night accompanied by a crew from the Java Private Tour, this adventure package is highly recommended because it is full of educational value about nature conservation and the environment.

The main theme of this tour is to watch sea turtles lay their eggs on a very remote beach, known as Sukamade Beach, and what's interesting is that before reaching your destination and the crew of the Java Private Tour will pass through tropical rain forests in the lowlands of the Meru Betiri National Park located  on the southern coast of Java, and it is possible to walk in the forest for an hour after a long drive from Kalibaru Banyuwangi to Rajekwesi (fishing village). Meru Betiri National Park has been established since the colonial era as one of the national parks where wild animals are protected.  The peak season for hatching turtle eggs, which is a type of green turtle (which is mostly found laying eggs in Sukamade Banyuwangi) is in the rainy season, but also can usually be found throughout the year.

Activities that can be done on this tour:
On Sukamade Beach you are not only given the opportunity to see turtles lay eggs and see the process of hatching turtles (Green Turtles, Combing Turtles, Olive Turtles and occasionally Leatherback Turtles, and other mammals). All typical animals will appear on Sumakade Beach when you have a lucky time because most of these animals appear when the weather is good, and you will also have the opportunity to see some interesting and exotic places, such as:

Visit Cocoa, Coffee and Rubber plantations, Visit Green Beach, Visit Rajagwesi Beach

Travel Schedule Details:

DAY 1:
*09.00am -10.00am Our driver will pick you up using a private Jeep according to your request, whether it is at the Port of Banyuwangi Ketapang, Hotel or Airport, then will take you to a homestay around Sukamade Beach through the villages of Jajag and Sanggar and then go to Sarongan for 5 hours.

*Along the road to Sukamade homestay, you will pass Teluk Hijau Beach (Rajegwesi Beach).

*Lunch and rest at Rajekwesi shop. Continuing to the Sukamade guest house, traveling for 1 hour using Jeep and stopping in a peaceful bay, then continuing the journey into the forest from a flat point to the security post (one hour), then stopping to visit the plantation, and the Coffee, Cocoa, factory  Rubber.

*Continue the trip visiting the village in the Sukamade plantation. Arriving at the guest house, taking a shower, resting until dinner time. Dinner at Sukamade guest house, then Depart to Sukamade Beach by jeep (5 km). Stop at the turtle hatchery, then walk to the beach (800 m) and sit on the beach waiting for a signal from the Java Private Tour crew looking for a turtle nest, if you want to see watching the turtle lay eggs, don't do a few things that scare the turtles, such as (smoking, turning on a flashlight, talking loudly or making a loud noise), and after seeing an extraordinary process of hatching turtles, then we go back to the guest house and rest.

DAY 2:
*Wake up in the morning, have breakfast at Sukamade Guest House, enjoy a hot drink (tea, coffee, milk), then see a baby turtle returning to the sea (release of the turtle). After that, take a shower, then check out and return to Banyuwangi Regency, a 6 hour drive through Rajegwesi beach.

Drop off according to your wishes in the Banyuwangi area. Finish Trip!


Service Include :
Private Car Rental With English Speaking Driver from and to Banyuwangi Airport or Hotel in Banyuwangi (2 way back), Pick Up and Drop Services include: petroll, toll, parking fee, english speaking driver, driver meals,4 WD Private Jeep from the Banyuwangi Port or Train Station, or Banyuwangi area, All Entrance (according to the itinerary), Profesional Tour guide (Java Private Tour Ranger), speaking English guide for information and guidance, 1 Night Homestay includes dinner and breakfast (on Sukamade beach, there is no hotel like in a big city, mostly traditional homestays & Indonesia Traditional Food), Mineral drinks, Drop off service Banyuwangi Area.


(!) During the trip, we were able to introduce various traditional Javanese and Balinese Culinary Delights (Java Private Tour Culinary Experience), which of course suits your appetite, and of course the hygiene and health factors are the main factors when we refer them to you. If you prefer American, European, Indian, Asian cuisine, or one that suits your country of origin, we will also reference it, the point is we are very flexible.

(!) Java Private Tour services is very flexible, we do not charge overtime fees, you can make changes to plans outside of this itinerary by consulting us, you can even change your destination when traveling, but it is adjusted to traffic conditions, distance, weather and time. For more in depth knowledge dont hesitate to contact Our Specialist.





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