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Basically Live Streaming is an effort to present content that contains all kinds of information directly, and also become an alternative media to be able to access various things instantly, one of which is tourism, which contains a variety of tourism material and everything that can be used as a tourism reference and scientific support that has recently been very actively used to make it more optimal, and currently it is felt to be increasingly important for the development of the world of tourism, considering that currently the traveling culture is still very ineffective in the era of the global pandemic, so that live streaming virtual tourism is made in order to develop the world of tourism in a better direction for now, but of course it must be supported by content that is more interesting and has educational value that is very educational.


Vision and Mission of the Java Private Virtual Tour.
Help optimize tourism programs virtually and make them an alternative learning to be more varied, and out of the box, and can be one of the latest solutions to increase interest in travel in the midst of a global pandemic.

Java Private Tour provides the best solution by providing information facilities to increase the productivity of the younger generation by bridging the means of tourism with virtual content full of educational value so that future generations will become creative generations.


About Java Private Tour.
Java Private Tour is a company engaged in the transportation and tourism sector that has an active role and has its own color in educating the international community about the other side of Java to be better known internationally.

Java Private Tour serves all kinds of tour activities that suit your passion, be it Private Adventure Tour,Private Nature Tour,Private Cultural Tour,Private Art Tour,Private Ecotourism,Private Historical Tour,Private Culinary Tour,Private Golf Tour,Private Business Trip,Private Interpreter, even Car Rentals with friendly and experienced drivers who can speak English,Private Tour Guide Services,Private airport pick ups and transfers,Tour Buses with Tour Guides,and even our driver can be your personal tour guide,  or other special requests from you.

Java Private Tour invites you to travel in the land of Java and feel the unique sensation of the most phenomenal private tour, starting from exploring the cosmopolitan side of the city, to then enjoying the city and countryside that has never been touched by tourists, mingle and interact with the local community so that you can get to know the culture of the local community.

Java Private Tour is committed to introducing Indonesian tourism wisely, it can be said that some of our tour programs are environmentally friendly tourism and preserve nature, Getting to know local culture and trying to be a responsible tourist is the travel menu provided by Java Private Tour.



-Live Streaming Interactive Packages:
Live streaming video presentation during on location coverage and open interaction to the audience. Run through 2 hours, Live interactive with profesional host, Soft copy video, Switcher channel interactive.

-Taping Video Streaming Packages:
Conducting video coverage according to learning needs and will be displayed in a video footage format as a whole without any interaction between the host and the audience, 60 minutes video streaming, Run through footages, Streaming access, Soft copy video.



Story board,
We will create a storyboard, and will be directed directly by a crew from Java Private Tour who are experienced in the field of information and media according to the material content needed by you.

Live Streaming Trial,
Testing and broadcast feasibility including streaming access through compatible media to make it more optimal.

Creative process,
Live coverage on location by following a predetermined story board and will be guided by an experienced host with a duration of 120 minutes.

In this case, at the location we will jointly explore the virtual tourist objects that you want, it can be about art, culture, adventure, history, nature, adventure or culinary, and we will inform you various things about virtual objects that will be presented accordingly with your choice, and will also display live and interactively, and there will be an interactive session every 30 minutes and a draft video footage, this process is specifically for Live Streaming Interactive Packages, and to Taping Video Streaming Packages Every footage that has been taken will be analyzed again and put into post production including adding designs and templates to be embedded.

Upload the Final Video documentation and can be accessed directly by you exclusively.


(!) For pricing information and discussing with our professional team about the virtual theme you want, please connect with our live chat service, or you can call our telephone number, whatapps or email. Detailed information, please enter the Contact Us menu.



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