Fun And Fresh Employee Day Out

Fun And Fresh Employee Day Out

Corporate Family Gathering activities can be managed internally, but managing a quality Corporate Family Gathering will certainly disrupt your daily work and spend a lot of your time. By entrusting the Java Private Tour for planning and implementing Corporate Family Gathering, it will be easier for you to control your activities without having to lose time doing daily work responsibilities. Java Private Tour is ready to realize a quality Corporate Family Gathering.

Reasons and traditions of Corporate Family Gathering.

Many things can change your company for the better. One way is to provide an event that can provide an expression of appreciation for your employees, as well as your employee's family, one of which is to conduct a regular Corporate Family Gathering Program. Meetings between employees, family, and company owners are one of the most important social activities, which can be done on special days such as to commemorate company anniversary, Christmas celebrations, new year celebrations, as well as celebrations for the achievements of a company, and celebrate the increase  position.

In an institution or business community it is very necessary to hold a meeting between families, because it serves to accelerate and strengthen a relationship, a meeting between the company and employees with the families of employees will bring a fresh feed back and a more positive atmosphere in the work environment.

How long should the Company Family Meeting be held.

Togetherness with good quality will not be affected by the quantity of time. for example: 1 hour of time can be very useful if the entire family of employees and company leaders are really involved in it, compared to 12 hours for a quiet moment without interaction. Togetherness will provide additional positive energy between the company and its employees, joking is very important because there is excitement in jokes, excitement that will make each other see a bright spot for a solution in a better view of the various problems that exist.

Who should attend Corporate Family Gathering.

Family Gathering is an activity that can be carried out by companies and employees within a company by inviting family members to participate, in this activity between one family and another can focus on developing cohesiveness and unity among individuals, and get to know each other family members from other employees. This program will also provide activities that create more visible interactions between individuals. For companies, interaction through available activities like this is a way for a positive achievement to reward employees and non-employees (families of employees).

Corporate Family Gathering is a necessity.

Family Gathering is needed by companies and organizations around the world to build a spirit of kinship and unity, as well as increase bonds and motivate every member in the company.  This is in line with a philosophy:

"A great company is because it is driven by great employees"

The following Java Private Tour will describe some of the objectives of Corporate Family Gathering, and what is considered important in Corporate Family Gathering:

-Know each other.
-Increases company ownership.
-As a means of refreshment.
-Form a solid team work.
-Strengthening relationships between employees.
-Fix conflict and friction.
-Respect the younger generation of employees' children.

No person in any company or organization can develop without the support of its employees, because the family is the core of positive energy in every company. That is why family gatherings are a must. The concept of the Java Private Tour is to carry the theme of this event flexibly, and can be adjusted to your desires as a client, your needs as a client, and whatever type of company you are as well as the philosophy and wisdom in your company.

The concept of Java Private Tour Corporate Family Gathering.

-Amazing Race and Corporate Family Gathering.
-Game Outbound and Carnival at Company Family Meetings.
-Corporated Family Meetings and Family Reconciliation Retreats.

Delivery Method:

Fun entertainment and learning experience based activities.

Family Gathering games options:

1.Series of Adult Games (Game and team building simulation, high rope, paintball).
2.Series of Games for Teenagers and Children, fun competition games, Magic Trick and Circus, Games for toddlers.


-Creativity themed: Coloring Pictures, Word Puzzles, fishing, Dynamic Baskets.

-Science themed: Floating Water, Rocket Air, AntiGravity, Bell, Trumpet.

-Art themed: making puppets, making batik, kites, making masks.

-Family themed: amazing race, hunt treasure, angklung harmony, olympics and carnival games.

For the needs of the Java Private Tour Corporate Family Gathering Program, you can consult to our Java Private Tour Team, and regarding the selection of several places or regions that you want to use, we can adjust it to your liking, because our range of services covers the whole of Java and Bali.

*Please consult to us regarding details of the itinerary, service include, service exclude, price, activity, term and condition, facility.

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