Hospitality and Grouping

Hospitality and Grouping

The challenge of building a team in the dark of the cave vertically and horizontally and exploring the pine forest was designed by Java Private Tour as a training to build a team to become a great team. Java Private Tour uses international standards in activities in caves and pine forests located in Sukabumi, West Java, and the supporting tools in every adventure we use have been confirmed that all of them are of high quality with international safety standards, and each of our crew who accompany you is Profesional Guide from FINSPAC (Federation of Indonesia Speleology Activities), dan HIKESPI (Indonesian Association of Speleology Activities), and they are all certified with international standards.

Java Private Tour specifically provides a segment of adventure exploring pine forests and caves vertically and horizontally with challenges to encourage creativity, and effective teamwork, and form collective thinking to ensure that each of our guests, and our participants can play a variety of important roles in a team.

An adventure full of challenges and creativity.
Participants will design and make a masterpiece of each adventure in the cave with vertical or horizontal terrain, then dirty their hands and bodies with adventures that we uniquely arrange in the karst mountains and tropical rainforests of the Sukabumi region of West Java.

Teamwork Challenges, Sharpening Brains and Puzzles.
The toughest challenge in the adventure we made is where each team must compete to solve the most puzzles in the dark cave with vertical and horizontal terrain, and thick pine forests, this is to form an action to balance a problem that is increasingly complicated, and communication is getting slippery, thus forcing them to cooperate even though there are differences, so that team bonds are established, and between one team and another team will feel the need to carry out a collaboration in difficult circumstances when in the dark of the cave.

A team building adventure we've designed for you:

1.Day Trip Pandora Box (GROUPING)
Location at Horizontal and Vertical Cave, Camp Ground, cave exploration as far as 400 m, adventure duration is 3 hours.

2.Orienteering Foots (GROUPING)
Location at Karst Mountain and pine forest, exploration of karst mountains and pine forest for 3 km, adventure duration is 4 hours.

3. Family Camp (Hospitality)
Location at Hutan Pinus dan Camping Ground, stay 2D1N camping in the wild, exploring with flexible timing.

Facilities and Description.
Pandora Box, Games, Clue, Banner, Maps, Keys, Welcome Drink, Snack, Mineral Water, Helmet, Headlamp, Safety Guard, Insurance, Certificate,Orienteering Pine Tree Forest, Orienteering Kit, Compass, Rescue Team, Dome Tent, Dining Tent, Mattres, Sleeping Bag, Meals, Tea, Coffee, Stove-Pan, Traditional Drink, Camp Fire, Toilet, Bbq, Electrically Charger, Blanket, Pillow.

The adventure activities created by Java Private Tour are inspired by the book “Thinking Lateral” by: Edward de Bono, that lateral thinking is a way of thinking and trying to find solutions so that problems can be resolved through methods that are not common, or a way that would normally be ignored by logical thinking people. The activity in the cave that Java Private Tour makes is to train you to be a lateral thinker, we make this activity a creative training, and make your mind more open about a problem and problem solving, even though there are many different thoughts in one team, or even the intervention of another team will make the problem easier to solve.

With non-stop action from the first whistle sounded, each team will immediately face the challenges of the wild in the cave vertically and horizontally, as well as against the clock, racing to complete as many of the challenges we create as possible, We build this challenge for everyone, and one of the world-class activities and suitable for groups on a large scale, as well as small scale, or even privately.



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