Motivation Training

Motivation Training

To respect the dedication and performance of all staff and employees, the Corporate Team Development Program is a means to maintain and increase motivation to work with the best service. Motivation to work well is strongly supported by good interpersonal relationships, brotherhood and a sense of togetherness.

The Java Private Tour Corporate Team Building Program is a refresher course conducted by the company for its human resources. The aim is to enhance individual leadership, especially decision making skills, get out of self-comfort and develop group spirit. Through various kinds of physical challenges and collaboration, building synergies with group achievement, and on target according to the company's vision and mission.

The Java Private Tour Corporate Team Building Program is also designed to create bonds between individuals who are directly involved in the Company's service process, and it is ensured that the Team Building Program from the Java Private Tour can be a new enthusiasm in the initial steps to make the best service for your company.

The place you choose determines the types of challenges you will face. Whether it's near rivers, in forests, hills and mountains, or islands, beaches, and oceans, each has a different sensation of challenge for you.

Java Private Tour Corporate Team Building Special Program.

-Paint Ball
-Altitude Activity
-Off Road Adventure
-Fire Walks
-Water Rafting
-Bon Fire
-Jungle Survival

For the needs of the Java Private Tour Corporate Team Building Program, you can consult to our Java Private Tour Team, and regarding the selection of several places or regions that you want to use, we can adjust it to your liking, because our range of services covers the whole of Java and Bali.

*Please consult to us regarding details of the itinerary, service include, service exclude, price, activity, term and condition, facility.

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