Papandayan Mountain Experience

Papandayan Mountain Experience
Heading to the southwest, the natural tourist area of ??Mount Papandayan can be quite easy to reach from downtown Garut, West Java, and Bandung.  Volcanic mountain which is located between two villages, Sirnajaya and Kramatwangi, District Cisurupan, Garut is one of the leading tourist destinations in the district which is famous for its long horned sheep.
Having a height of 2,665 meters above sea level, Papandayan Mountain is considered to be very friendly for tourists, especially those who are not accustomed to climbing activities that are too heavy, that is because the paths are so arranged, some have been made terraces using a stone structure.  Even when entering the climbing door, you will be greeted with a smooth asphalt road along approximately 500 meters that is so easy to pass, and also certainly is all kinds of Java Private Tour services on this climbing tour can be adjusted to your wishes.
Papandayan tracks are classified as having many "bonuses", a term in the climbing world to refer to flat or downward tracks on a hiking trail, and toilets are very available at a number of points, and this is very helpful, so that visitors do not have to bother carrying a lot  supplies or mineral water which would actually be burdensome. The duration of the climb was not too long, it takes approximately three hours to be able to climb and complete the Papandayan track. However, that is if you are not tempted to stop and take pictures. Not surprisingly, if you visit this natural tourist area you will meet visitors who come from diverse ages, from children to elderly.
And don't be surprised if on the way you hear the sound of an approaching motorbike. Because on this mountain there is a special dirt bike that is usually driven by a Java Private Tour crew to supply logistics for camping climbers. Services of the Java Private Tour In addition to being friendly to climbers, the Java Private Tour service at Mount Papandayan also spoiled its clients by treating various climbing themes, and also the charm of nature tourism that is owned by Mount Papandayan.
There are at least 6 unique spots of the volcano that can be found on Mount Papandayan.  This is the reason why Papandayan Mountain is worth mentioning as a volcano that presents a very complete natural charm for all the climbers. As active volcanoes in general, Mount Papandayan has an active crater that still emits sulfur fumes to this day, this crater is not very broad and does not exist at the top of the mountain, because Papandayan is classified as a strato-shaped volcano.
There are several craters, one main crater and several other small craters which are also seen emitting smoke. Furthermore, you can find the expanse of edelweiss fields on Mount Papandayan, Edelweis flowers most widely found in Tegal Alun, or precisely at the peak of Mount Papandayan, however, the summit of Mount Papandayan is a restricted area for safety reasons. Even if you don't reach the peak, you can still see the eternal flower between Saladah Cottage and the Dead Forest. Edelweiss trees in this region are not as many as edelweiss that are on the summit.  However, that does not reduce the charm of Edelweis on Mount Papandayan.
Typical icons and spots that must be visited on Mount Papandayan next are : Dead Forest, the dead forest is filled with dead cantigi trees and leaves dry stems which create a natural architecture that has its own beauty. The dead forest is located above the main crater of Mount Papandayan.  From here you can see Mount Cikurai which is north of Mount Papandayan, almost all climbers stop in this dead forest area to take pictures and capture the moment of climbing.
Standing on the edge of the Papandayan crater guardrail, and you face eastward, it will be seen clearly stretching the very beautiful Karacak Hill, and right in front of you is Mount Cikurai and Mount Galunggung that towers between Mount Papandayan. At this point you can enjoy three beauties at once: the crater area at the bottom, the Dead Forest behind, and the panorama of the mountains right before your eyes.
For you lovers of photography, when you are at Papandayan Mountain at night and in clear sky conditions, at that time you will witness the beauty of the stars shining brightly so clearly. I am sure if the photography hunters would love to play the camera to get the perfect picture, the beautiful expanse of stars in the Papandayan sky. These stars will accompany the climbers who travel in the middle of the night until early morning, the stars slowly began to disappear and were replaced with warm and yellow sunlight which began to pop up at around 05.30am. On Papandayan Mountain, there are a number of spots recommended by the Java Private Tour for those of you who want to enjoy the sunrise process, namely in Bukit Soni, Ghoober Hoet Campsite, and Pondok Saladah Campsite.
After you explore Mount Papandayan, to unwind, you can soak in a pool of natural hot water in the Papandayan region, it will feel very refreshing, soaking in natural hot water surrounded by mountain atmosphere and cool mountain air.
Plan your adventure in West Java by visiting Mount Papandayan. Java Private Tour will take you up the mountain before dawn to see the sunrise, and you will see its stunning crater when you reach the top, then continue your journey to Ghober Hoet, the best place to see the sunrise, as you descend the mountain, don't forget to see the beautiful edelweiss flower fields around you.  Book your tour now and get ready to explore the charms of Mount Papandayan with you will feel arrive as a guest, and leave as a friend.


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