Edu and Endy with his creative team

Edu and Endy with his creative team

Edu and Endy with his creative team from Java Private Tour continue to develop technology and always give surprises for you, our clients and friends from all over the country, related to lockdown issues, social restrictions, isolation, closure of borders between countries, which causes you and me not to be able to do activities outside home, even travel abroad until an unspecified time limit.

Now you can visit our website with some of the latest features that you can enjoy, as a result of the development of our creative team that will be updated every day, new stories about the beauty and uniqueness of Java and Bali, to accompany your days.

Don't worry and keep up the spirits and be patient, you can even connect with our live chat and video confrence services, and talk directly with our Customer Service Representative, we can talk about various things, whether it is related to your travel plans after the global pandemic is over, or talk about art, nature, culture, culinary, adventure, economic, social, political, and not only about my country, but many things I want to know about your country too, and we can even talk about the possibility of a plan of cooperation between your country and my country after this global pandemic ends, to provide mutual benefits to the world.

This Covid 19 Pandemic situation is unexpected, but only temporary. Java Private Tour will rise stronger than before, coloring the world, and making sure anyone can enjoy our unique services.

Stay at home and stay safe. Let's look at the future together. 

Even though you currently live at home, there is no better time to start thinking about your next vacation. Java Private Tours is Java Bali Specialist Tours are always ready to start planning your dream trip.


Best Regards & Friendship, 

Edu & Endy - Java Private Tour.


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