Hey adventurers! Welcome to the Java Private Tour website. We are a local travel organization whose main goal is to help travelers around the world to have an authentic travel experience along Java and Bali. Our main goal is to provide opportunities for all foreigners who want to discover interesting places, such as : local food, and beautiful parts of Java and Bali as we see every day as locals.

Before you travel to Indonesia, you need to know about some background information about the country of Indonesia, and for those of you who want to experience what heaven on earth is like, then you must visit Indonesia. Yes, you read that right, Indonesia is truly a paradise on earth, which is rich in natural heritage, beautiful natural scenery, beautiful coastlines with clear sea water and of course the diverse culture and traditions of the local people. Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 islands scattered in the Indian and Pacific Oceans along the equator, there are more than 300 ethnic communities, and more than 400 spoken languages, and Indonesia spans an area of ??1.95 sq km, the country of Indonesia is very rich in terrestrial and marine biodiversity, including the most beautiful stretch of beach in the world.

Edu and Endy with his creative team from Java Private Tour continue to develop technology and always give surprises for you, our clients and friends from all over the country, related to lockdown issues, social restrictions, isolation, closure of borders between countries.

Now you can visit our website with some of the latest features that you can enjoy, as a result of the development of our creative team that will be updated every day, new stories about the beauty and uniqueness of Java and Bali, to accompany your days.

Don't worry and keep up the spirits and be patient, you can even connect with our live chat and video confrence services, and talk directly with our Customer Service Representative, we can talk about various things, whether it is related to your travel plans after the global pandemic is over, or talk about art, nature, culture, culinary, adventure, economic, social, political, and not only about my country, but many things I want to know about your country too, and we can even talk about the possibility of a plan of cooperation between your country and my country to provide mutual benefits to the world.

This Covid 19 Pandemic situation is unexpected, but only temporary!!. 

A number of countries have begun to loosen territorial restrictions and self quarantine, even though we are currently in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic. One of those who also took this policy was our country Indonesia. Now the government of the Republic of Indonesia has invited all its people to get back up and continue their activities by implementing security protocols in the new normal or adapting new habits. All activities can be done as long as you still use a mask, keep your distance and also clean your body.

Java Private Tour also takes advantage of this momentum in a very responsible way, many Indonesians and expatriates foreign nationals and our clients at the embassies of friendly countries in Indonesia use our services to travel or have recreation with their families and their closest people to various tourist destinations  in Jakarta, West Java, Banten, Central Java, Yogyakarta Special Region, East Java and Bali. However, there are things that must be kept in mind.  Even though we have been allowed to leave the house at this time, but when we are all still in the midst of a pandemic threat, of course the Java Private Tour has the main principle of inviting each of its clients to travel in the midst of a pandemic, namely by traveling in a healthy way. We have to be healthy first, and traveling later. We must know what our physical condition is when we want to travel, after ensuring that our physical condition is ready and safe, do not forget to continue to adhere to health protocols and adhere to security protocols, wherever we are.



If we usually just choose a dream tourist destination, order transportation and lodging while at the location, now there are other things that must be determined first, before determining all these things, namely the security status of the area you want to visit. We must know in advance which zones are safe for traveling. So we have to know whether the place we want to visit is safe or not. To find out the security of an area, You can consult us, you can connect with our live chat service on the website and our customer service representatives will provide information on safe zones for traveling in the midst of a pandemic.

Java Private Tour will rise stronger than before, coloring the world, and making sure anyone can enjoy our unique services. Even though you currently live at home, there is no better time to start thinking about your next vacation. Java Private Tours is Java Bali Specialist Tours are always ready to start planning your dream trip, experience many cities in Java and Bali Indonesia like no other and discover it together with our recommended private local guide.Being the locals, and we know our homeland the best.


Stay safe and let's look at the future together. Best Regards & Friendship, 

Edu & Endy - Java Private Tour.


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