With Java Private Tour you will explore simplicity in a journey about the culinary history of Java and Bali. Java Private Tour is the only Tour Company that is so highly committed to upholding the traditional Javanese-Balinese Culture in the eyes of the international community by opening up opportunities for international tourists to see and interact with Javanese-Balinese social life.

What To Expect.
With the Java Private Tour Cooking Class, you will learn how to make various delicious menus from authentic Indonesian recipes and ingredients, especially the very traditional spices of Java and Bali. We will cook Javanese and Balinese menus that are absolutely delicious and enjoyable, starting with an introduction to the unique flavors of local spices, and you will have hands-on experience making some Javanese and Balinese specialties, which in the end we will enjoy your Masterpiece together.

Private and Personalized.
No strangers, just you. Fully customize your trip to your needs.

With a Local Expert.
From historical facts to the most up to date health regulations.

Without The Crowds.
Experiences designed to take you away from the crowds towards authentic local spots.


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