Experience These Safari Adventures on Your Next Visit to Indonesia

Visiting a zoo is one of the interesting things your family can do when visiting Java and Bali. A zoo is where you and your family can see and learn about different types of animals. Some zoos in Java and Bali that Java Private Tour recommends are Taman Safari Indonesia, because this zoo provides a natural environment in accordance with the original habitat of these animals, where you can see various animals interacting with each other just a few meters from your vehicle, which will certainly bring some fun, especially for your kids.

Indonesian Safari Park (Taman Safari Indonesia Group) manages four parks in Indonesia, namely Taman Safari Bogor West Java, Taman Safari Prigen East Java, Bali Safari and Marine Park, and Batang Dolphins Center in Central Java, and is the best conservation institution and is accredited internationally. This park has a variety of fauna and species from five continents. About 7,500 animals are recorded in Taman Safari Indonesia.  Moreover, Taman Safari Indonesia is the largest and most complete safari park in Southeast Asia.

Taman Safari Indonesia is also the best ecotourism in Indonesia.  A tourist destination where visitors can interact directly with a variety of animals, birds and other animals directly. At present, Indonesia already has four Safari Parks in four different regions.  First, Taman Safari Indonesia in Cisarua Puncak, West Java.  Second, Taman Safari Indonesia in Prigen, Pasuruan, East Java.  Third, Bali Safari and Marine Park in Gianyar Bali, and Fourth, Batang Dolphins Center in the Sigandu Beach Region, Batang, Central Java.

So, are you interested in experiencing the thrill, and being around the wildlife in this safari zoo ?, now you will know how thrilling it is, what are you waiting for ?, and feel the thrill!

For a very unique experience I suggest you explore the park with a private car service, as you can stop anywhere to take some animal photos. Choose the best angle in the car, and take some great photos, and you can feel the sensation of interacting with animals, touching and feeding them directly.

You need a car rental with a friendly and experienced driver, please contact us through our official website on, our best crew will pick you up, whether it's at : Home, Hotel, Airport, Bus Station, Train Station or other locations according to your wishes, and our crew will be at your service to enjoy this extraordinary unique travel experience.

Services from the Java Private Tour cover all Safari Parks located at :

Taman Safari Bogor West Java

Taman Safari Prigen East Java

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Batang Dolphins Center in Central Java



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