First film in Java-Indonesia

"Loetoeng Kasaroeng", is the first film produced in Indonesia. This silent film was released in 1926 by NV Java Film Company. Directed by two Dutchmen, G. Kruger and L. Heuveldorp and starring native actors. The inaugural screening in the city of Bandung took place from December 31, 1926 to January 6, 1927 in two famous theaters, the Metropole Cinema and the Majestic Cinema, Majestic Cinema is a building that has a shape resembling a biscuit can. It has been more than 100 years to witness the screening of the film "Lutung Kasarung" which was directed directly by the two Dutch nationals.
Until now, the Majestic Cinema Building is still used as a venue for exhibitions, musical performances, meetings, film screenings, and many other artistic activities, if you visit the city of Bandung West Of Java, take the time to visit this old cinema that was built in 1925, the location is on Braga street number 1. In front of the building, a carving resembling the Batara Kala mask (in Hinduism is an embodiment of Lord Shiva's son with Uma) is golden yellow, and the fence surrounding this building is also golden yellow.
The Batara Kala mask shows a blend of modern western architecture with elements of traditional Indonesian architecture and carving art. Lutung Kasarung film has been recorded twice, namely in 1952 and 1983. This film is based on the pantun story with the same title, which means 'The Lost Lutung', which at that time was still popular in Sundanese society, with the main character resembling a langur or monkey, the story that has been told from generation to generation tells the Sanghyang Guruminda Kahyangan who came down from the sky in the form of a langur.

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