The Leader Of Jakarta & His Controversial Decision (1966-1977)

JAKARTA AT THAT TIME, was the most bloody and cruel area, and criminal activity often occurred, Jakarta was a fusion when people from various ethnic groups, various religions, from various regions throughout Indonesia bet their fate in the Capital. People from all over Indonesia flock to the Capital, because this is where the center of Indonesian economic activity is and this is the center of progress in various ways. Traffic jams, and infrastructure development that is always left behind will surely confuse anyone who becomes its governor. The second problem is overcoming economic inequality which gave birth to so many slums, crime, riots, and poverty. The third problem, how to manage various arts and education activities, the noise of politics, the frenzy of various business activities that are the center of this country, is a destiny that really becomes a burden for anyone who is elected as governor.
MR.ALI SADIKIN, is the Governor of DKI Jakarta (1966-1977) who is considered the most successful in managing provinces with so many violent regions, he is often touted as the best governor who has ever led Jakarta. Not only was it evident from the length of time he had led the capital of Jakarta for 11 years, but also his great breakthrough, the firmness and courage Ali Sadikin had brought Jakarta to extraordinary progress and became the foundation of Jakarta's development to date, although often some of his policies had to crash into taboos in terms of traditional customs and religion. Ali Sadikin, a marine, and the rank of Lieutenant General, was known as a man who dared to fight since he was a child, not only developing himself in school, but also socializing with street culture, speaking loudly, and disliking protocol.
The Governor Is Elected Directly By The First President Of The Republic Of Indonesia Soekarno.
Unlike the current governor who 'fought' to be elected, Ali Sadikin's rise in that position was none other than the direct initiative of President Soekarno. So, the story was that Dr J Leimena (deputy prime minister) was assigned by Sukarno to look for suitable candidates to become the leader of Jakarta. Leimena then submitted three names at once, but the President refused.  Sukarno's reason was, "I need someone who is firmly, hard, and brave!!", short story, then Leimena submitted the name Ali Sadikin, and Sukarno immediately accepted. According to Sukarno, Ali Sadikin was indeed suitable to lead Jakarta because he had a strict nature and "Koppig" (Dutch language) stubborn, according to Sukarno, because of these character traits that are suitable for leading Jakarta.
Decisive and Hard.
Stubborn, a trait called Soekarno is very suitable to describe the figure of Ali Sadikin, not just nonsense, his hard nature is evident from the many things he has done.  Ali Sadikin is indeed very hard in nature, even harder than Ahok / Basuki Tjahaya Purnama (Governor of Jakarta 2014-2017). For example, he once stopped a truck driver who was driving recklessly and endangered other road users, then beat up the truck driver, and Ali Sadikin also slapped a head of a construction contractor who was convoluted in carrying out infrastructure development, even though his infrastructure project was needed quickly.  finished, because in order to quickly be used by the community, and he fired a number of Indonesian Civil Servants who were not disciplined in serving the community, and Ali Sadikin was very firm and merciless in punishing criminals in Jakarta, resulting in a safe and secure Jakarta city.
In The Hands Of Ali Sadikin, Jakarta Became Metropolitan City.
The presence of Ali Sadikin successfully changed the bad face of Jakarta into a Metropolitan city, and even became one of the best in Asia at that time. Under his leadership Jakarta seemed to change face.  This was marked by the establishment of many facilities such as Taman Ismail Marzuki Art Center, Ragunan Zoo, Taman Ria Monas, and many others. Regarding transportation too. He made a breakthrough by building many facilities such as bus stops and also brought buses from the United States. In the days of Ali Sadikin's leadership, Jakarta seemed to be in its golden age.
Ali Sadikin And His Controversial Decisions.
Not only the praise that came over Ali Sadikin's leadership, but also criticism and even scorn, and insults. Especially about some of his decisions which are very controversial. One of them is legalizing Gambling and building a Prostitution Complex in the Kramat Tunggak area of ??North Jakarta. Because of this he was nicknamed the Governor of Immoral.
Gambling Tax.
begins when he learns about illegal gambling in Jakarta and the elements behind it do not pay gambling tax, according to him, rather than being allowed to go wild and gamble illegally, it is better that gambling is legally authorized, and can provide income for the Government, and tax money  gambling can provide benefits, build various facilities for Jakarta residents, especially the poor in Jakarta.
Despite criticism, the policy continues. Ali Sadikin believes that it is a good source of income.  Money from gambling tax is used to build Jakarta. Based on Law No. 11 of 1957, local governments are allowed to collect taxes on gambling licenses. Ali Sadikin was the only governor in Indonesia who at that time dared to implement these rules.
The result was that at that time DKI Jakarta's cash received fresh funds of Rp 20 billion per year.  The money is used to build roads, community health centers (health clinics), hospitals, school buildings and other things that are very useful.
Localization Of Sex Workers.
At that time, the area along Kramat Raya Street and Senen in Central Jakarta was known as a prostitution area. Ali Sadikin wanted to solve this problem. But on the one hand he realizes that it is not easy to control sex workers because these activities have become the livelihood of a number of people, then Ali Sadikin decided to localize sex workers, the sex industry was moved, and was centered in the Kramat Tunggak area, North Jakarta. The aim is that prostitution no longer occurs in any place, preventing community diseases from spreading, and the city of Jakarta will become more orderly, because there is only one place for prostitution.
With all the achievements and attitudes always highlighted by Ali Sadikin, it is not surprising that he has always been a role model for the new Jakarta governor candidate. This is proof that the figure of Ali Sadikin is a governor's standard suitable for Jakarta. In other words, the statement also gave the impression that Ali Sadikin was the best governor who had led Jakarta. 
Ali Sadikin's firmness and courage has brought Jakarta to extraordinary progress and has been the foundation of Jakarta's development until now, although it is not uncommon to have to crash into taboos in the community or religious customs, he is considered colorful with all his behavior, actions and policies,  but no one denies his greatness in building a capital city. Why is it colorful?. This is a story about its relation to Javanese story culture.
Leadership Character in Javanese Culture Story.
The legend of Ciung Wanara (the story of West Java legend) which is always associated with the fighting chicken, which is named the "Jelug", the feathers are colorful, and invincible in fighting.  Then spread the belief that the chicken chosen to fight for (fighting cock) should not be a single color feathered chicken, for example, only white feathered or black feathered. 
There is a belief that chickens like that are considered to lack good endurance. In short is, once hit by another chicken attack, then the chicken will soon lose, in contrast to chickens that have colorful feathers, because it is considered kiyeng (Javanese language) which means tough and persistent in fighting. Therefore, chicken fighters in general are colorful.
In the course of the Indonesian nation, it showed that many community leaders who appeared and even were legendary were colorful people, such as bandits, pirates or even street children. This colorful person can be interpreted as a grayish person, even though he is not a fully religious person, but because his life is forged with a variety of violence and difficulties, thus realizing a brave, resolute, and skilled person in solving social problems.
I am reminded of a number of stories from East Java about Sunan Kalijaga, who when he was young was a murderer and robber, he came from a wealthy noble family, but his concern for the plight of ordinary people had encouraged him to behave which gave him a bad image. The colorful journey of his life: violence, the struggle for the fate of the people, and the effort to draw closer to the Creator has raised him as one of the leading Wali Sanga (9 trustees). His colorful personality has transformed himself into an admirable community leader of all time.
Often such people who are suitable to be chosen by the community become leaders. Such community leaders are considered resilient and tactical in solving community problems. Who is the next colored character who should be a polymorphic manager who can be trusted by the community to shoulder the burden of building this capital city ?, Let's wait! 
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