Bali can be a great idea for the Christmas and New Year Holidays at the end of 2020

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Bali can be a great idea for the Christmas and New Year Holidays at the end of 2020

Colorful festoons, lights, snowflakes and ribbons are still on the Christmas tree, but maybe half of the world is locked, Christmas and New Year are the last things in most of our minds today. But with summer approaching, maybe this is the first time we can go abroad after a long period of social isolation. After weeks and even months inside, there are already clear signs of recovery out there, maybe your country has opened itself up for domestic travel, but I'm sure domestic and short-distance vacations won't be enough to satisfy your adventurous spirit, and when you are allowed to travel, hotels and airlines around the world will be one of the most tempting trips with some real offers.

Make my story an encouraging optimism that is challenging, because we all really need to dream of better times now, Bali-Indonesia can be a favorite place to travel on Christmas and the new year 2020, both with your spouse, or a larger family group.


The Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia.
Away from the crowds, the tranquility of the calm north coast is the perfect hiding place and perfect for traveling along the coastline, and is a very private place, offering a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the big city, you will feel a sensation like vacationing on your own private island.

Shrouded in wild biodiverse mangrove trees, Menjangan is a paradise for wildlife, including dwarf deer, who routinely graze on coral sand beaches that are neglected by these wooden hotel villas. Menjangan is a good choice for you who like diving, with one of the world's sub aqua hot spots that can be reached only by boat.

This uninhabited island has an area of ??around 175 hectares, and has a potential underwater habitat consisting of 45 types of coral reef clusters, 32 species of reef fish, and 9 types of marine mollusks. The sea water is very calm and blue and the beaches are white sand. The waters of Menjangan Island are also the perfect habitat for tuna fish, hordes of batfish, sea turtles, hordes of angelfish, jackfish, and sharks. The famous fish from this area is the Mandarine Fish, the color is very beautiful with a movement of snaking like a dancer. You can find this beautiful fish when snorkeling in depths of 10-60 meters.

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