A story from our friends all over the world in the middle of a pandemic

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A story from our friends all over the world in the middle of a pandemic

Two months ago, the world was a small place, connected by a vast network, thousands of daily flights that brought friends and family who were much closer. Friendship is built through flight routes, which in turn allows us to build relationships in distant parts of the world that can be quite connected with local buses or trains. Today, however, the world is a different place, but the relationship is unbroken. While we are separated by the sea, we keep in contact with some of our friends throughout Asia and Europe to find out how they were doing during the Corona virus outbreak, find out how Covid-19 locks their daily lives, and the steps taken vary from country to country, and we are all at different stages in facing a pandemic.

In the pandemic that made all human movements slow down, in fact did not make some of us incarnate into people who were hit by a sense of resignation. Some of our friends, they try to stay productive and assemble new skills. We have stories from those who continue to remain sane in the midst of a pandemic, and try to take the positive side and can be our inspiration from what happened.


Vino in Surabaya, East Java,
He is an elementary school teacher who is accustomed to face to face with his students every day.  But in these circumstances, he must be able to manage learning and provide material to them online. Vino commented  "with condition like this, I learned a lot from the online learning process and opened my eyes to the use of technology".

Rudi in DKI Jakarta,
He works in a digital agency in Jakarta. During the pandemic, he was accustomed to face-to-face with office colleagues through video conferencing. Rudi commented "with more free time, I use it to get together with family.  Before the pandemic, I was known as the busiest person in my family.  But now, I have more time to watch TV, or just tidy up the house together with my family".

Denny in Yogyakarta Central Java,
He works as a barber, but with this condition, he is not possible to continue to open the barber shop that he manages, because he has a high risk of getting infected by touching various heads. Finally, Deni looked for other ways and tried to keep earning income from "selling snacks online"

Nadiem in London United Kingdom,
A student becomes more diligent in getting up early and basking in the middle of a pandemic.  This Nadiem habit is carried out 10-15 minutes every day before conducting online lecture activities.

Hana in the Netherlands,
Hana works as a Yoga instructor, currently every morning she always takes the time to do yoga and meditation. Because Yoga has become the most important part of Hana's life, and Hana also gives a statement "As a yoga instructor I try not to give up on the situation. I made a yoga tutorial then uploaded it on the YouTube platform"

Aji in Bandung West Java,
He is a motor cross racer, his current activity is planting vegetables in front of his house. He was lucky because he lived in Lembang, Bandung, with the condition of plantation land that thrived and abundant, he does learning activities with his mother, who is a vegetable farmer.  Aji also commented "This pandemic made me learn a lot from my mother about how to do good gardening".

Amen in Malaysia,
Is a writer, his activities before this pandemic occurred he was making some poetry and making draft novels but stopped because some of his activities were interrupted by the covid pandemic 19, but he commented "as a writer who must survive in the midst of a pandemic, I try to stay productive and remain sane through writing as a medium of self-expression".

Joko in Gombong Central Java,
He is a meatball trader who usually sells around from house to house in his village. But during a pandemic like this, his wife Joko suggested opening an online meatball stall. Although the profit is not as maximal when he sells directly by going around the streets of the village, and Joko also commented "I learned a lot about marketing through technology".

Tuti in Bogor West Java,
She is a Tailor, in addition to continuing shes's profession as a tailor, now Tuty current activity since the pandemic is to start marketing she's handmade clothes online. Not only clothes, she is also currently busy making masks made of cloth during this pandemic.

Teddy in Singapore,
he was a Sailor, who used to sail for months, and was adrift in the ocean. However, during this pandemic, the ship team he returned to their respective countries. Although accustomed to being away from family, but now Teddy commented "since this pandemic he has been grateful and happy to be at home every day because he can often see my child's face every day"

Each of us has a way of survival each in the face of exposure to circumstances. All choices are up to us to keep on struggling to get on with life and continue with dreams, or choose to give up being torn apart by situations.



Written by : Edu & Java Private Tour friends who are in Asia and Europe.


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