Pioneers Who Represent Indonesia to Introduce Javanese Culture from Various Angles

Java is a small island if you compare it to Papua New Guinea, the island of Borneo Kalimantan or the island of Sumatra. However, Java Island is commonly referred to as home by more than half of Indonesias population of more than 300 million people, and in the history of Indonesia on the island of Java, there were some of the most powerful kingdoms during the precolonial development period, and the island of Java became the core of the kingdom in the Dutch colonial era.

The island of Java is not only home to the Javanese, although the existence of indigenous Javanese is the main ethnic group, and the island of Java is also inhabited by various Javanese tribes from other parts of Java, for example, West Java Sundanese, and East Java Madura, or Jakarta with its Betawi people. Herein lies the uniqueness of Indonesia that you will not find anywhere else in the world, Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 islands scattered in the Indian and Pacific Oceans along the equator, there are more than 300 ethnic communities, and more than 400 spoken languages who speak different languages ??as their mother tongue, and of course that is one of the thousands of reasons why Indonesia has so many different cultures and traditions.The Java Private Tour will introduce to the international world about nature, art, history, culinary, and indigenous Javanese culture as well as the culture that has also been mixed with various major ethnic groups on the island of Java.

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Java Private Tour is a company engaged in the Transportation and Tourism sector, as well as a Pioneer Representing Indonesia to Introduce Javanese Culture from various angles supported by several embassies, as well as the Ministry Of Tourism and Creative Economy Of The Republic Of Indonesia. The various activities that the Java Private Tour carries out are aimed at introducing the richness of Indonesias culture so that it can be known internationally, so that the international world can get information about the wealth that Indonesia has in various forms of Private Tour activities, as well as articles, photos and through Java Private Tour Social Media Channels.

Java Private Tour activities can be said to be very unique, because all forms of theme tours we do are all private, and really protect your privacy as our clients, our private tour activities are divided into several segments, namely tourism to explore the beauty of tourist objects in Java, along with various challenging natural adventure activities, arts where you can directly interact and learn various Indonesian Javanese arts and culture, from performing arts to handicrafts, in the segment of cultural traditions, you are also given the opportunity to directly interact with various types of rituals, celebrations and customs in the Javanese area, and the most interesting thing is the activity of getting to know a variety of traditional Javanese culinary, so you can feel how local you are when you tour with us. Experience many cities in Java and Bali Indonesia like no other and discover it together with our recommended private local guide. Being the locals, and we know our homeland the best.

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