Private Tour is a Solution and Trend for a Safe Vacation with Family in the Pandemic Era

byJava Private Tour

Private Tour is a Solution and Trend for a Safe Vacation with Family in the Pandemic Era

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the tourism industry in Indonesia quite heavily, because of this condition that then requires the tourism industry players to continue to carry out various kinds of innovations, in order to survive and rise in the midst of the current pandemic.

Currently, the trend of Indonesian tourism has begun to shift.  Previously you could freely vacation to various tourist destinations and tour in large groups, but now with the pandemic making tourism trends change direction, now many people want to take a private vacation safely and without meeting a lot of people.

The shift in tourism and vacation trends is actually very reasonable, and has a clear goal to minimizing the risk of the spread of COVID-19, therefore one of the solutions for a safe vacation with family in the pandemic era which is quite popular today is the Private Tour theme, the theme that was actually carried out by the Java Private Tour long before the pandemic occurred, the Java Private Tour has been committed for almost 10 years to carry out this Private Tour theme, and still persists, and even continues to rise in the midst of a pandemic like today.

2022 Tourism Trends : The Advantages of Private Tours are Priority

As the name implies, a Private Tour is an exclusive vacation activity that prioritizes security and intimacy, at first glance it looks like a staycation, but between a private tour and a staycation it is actually different, if a Staycation is a comfortable vacation with minimal touch with many people in the hotel environment, while a private tour is a vacation in the open air area which is considered safe, both for adults and when taking children and the closest people, so you will only meet people you know, so the potential for transmission of the virus from other tourists can be avoided and minimized.

It is certain that your privacy will be more awake, even you can freely determine the arrival date and departure date, it can even be said that the private tour theme really respects the flexibility of time, place and conditions. For example : you are free to consult about the destination that you will visit later, whether it is a natural destination, adventure, art, culture, culinary or special requests according to your wishes, then you will be more flexible in arranging the itinerary you want.