Some ways to overcome boredom at home when you undergo social distancing.

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Some ways to overcome boredom at home when you undergo social distancing.

Many useful activities that you can do at home during this social distancing, even though the COVID-19 outbreak has now spread to almost all countries, because of the wide spread of COVID-19, this case is growing, and the government has decided that people throughout the country will conduct social distancing, which is to keep distance from people relationships and avoid crowds or make gatherings or events.

Our government has also advised people to stay at home, including recommending that all students to study online at home. Not only students who do online learning systems, office workers are also advised to work at home. Despite carrying out social distancing policies, there are still some people who travel outside the city, such as climbing mountains, or to the beach, the beach is filled with tourists even though they have been warned to stay at home, some people also suggest the Government to do a lockdown like in  other countries that have established it to better prevent the spread of the Corona virus and isolate several cities and countries.

The following Java Private Tour will provide some tips on activities that you can do to overcome boredom at home when social distancing.


1. Read a book

Reading books is one of the hobbies or habits that are often carried out by many people, including me, the benefits of reading this book are very important and can add insight knowledge and also eliminate boredom, if you like the history of Indonesia and Java, I have several book references  which is quite interesting, namely The History of Java, is a book written by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles and published in 1817.

If you are still confused about what to do, I suggest reading a book, whether it's a novel, a comic, or a magazine.  If you don't have books at home, you can also read books in e-books.  You can also download the e-book of your choice and read it at any time.


2. To hone a skill

During this lockdown and social distancing, you can hone your skills and abilities, such as drawing, writing, sewing, cooking, or making crafts.  You can hone skills at home with fun, including for those of you who want to try a new hobby, which may later be a source of income even though you are at home, and this method is very effective to get rid of boredom while at home.

This skill can be useful when you later do a job interview, or even you can create jobs, and earn money when in difficult times at this time, especially for you who have just lost a job or have just been fired and become unemployed at this time, don't be pensive and bemoan the fate that is being troubled, but keep on working to create something that is useful for many people.


3. Maintain health

Rest is very important for health, because resting like sleep can be useful for maintaining health and avoiding disease, reduce playing social media or games that are too excessive so that there is no disturbance in your vision, in addition to sleep, you must eat with balanced nutritious food and do  exercise regularly.


4. Sports

It has been said before that exercise can also be done at home, such as push ups, sit ups, or meditation, especially if you have sports equipment or have a small gym, your sport can certainly be more leverage.

Exercise is important for your health to get back in shape so that your body can avoid disease and prevent Corona virus, exercise and adequate rest for your health to improve.


5. Cleaning the house

Cleaning the house is one of the most important activities to clean up unhealthy dirt, and avoid disease. Get used to wearing masks or gloves when cleaning dirt in the house that contains dust or odor. Then your whole house becomes clean and you can live healthier.

Let's make it a habit to do positive activities at home, many useful activities that you can do at home during social distancing.  Stay healthy by washing your hands with soap or hand sanitizers and eating nutritious foods to avoid the Corona virus.


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