Alas Purwo National Park

Alas Purwo National Park, Banyuwangi

Alas Purwo National Park is one of the areas for hundreds of species of flora and fauna in Indonesia. Alas Purwo is located on the southeastern tip of Java Island, namely Banyuwangi, East Java. Alas Purwo National Park has an area of ​​approximately 43,420 hectares and is divided into several zone zones, namely the core zone of 17,200 ha, jungle zone 24,767 ha, use zone of 250 ha and buffer zone of 1,203 ha.
The naming of Alas Purwo is based on the legend of the community which tells about the origin of the creation of the island of Java, starting from Alas Purwo which means 'First Forest or Beginning' on the island of Java. In 1992 the Alas Purwo National Park was formalized by the Ministry of Forestry.  And entered into two districts, Tegaldlimo District and Purwoharjo District, Banyuwangi.
The forest in the Alas Purwo area is a lowland rain forest ecosystem on Java Island, making it an ideal place for a variety of flora and fauna. Sometimes you can see the fauna in Alas Purwo freely on the side of the road in the Alas Purwo area. Besides Alas Purwo natural beauty also has a myriad of mysteries in it. This place is one of the most haunted and mystical tourist destinations in Java. Starting from mystical activities, such as devil worship, meditation to seek black magic, and many stories about the disappearance of some people there. The activity triggered some people to consider that Alas Purwo is a haunted place.  Not only that, some people believe that in Alas Purwo there is a magical kingdom which is the place of all jinn on the island of Java.
Myth there is quite well known, such as when visiting Alas Purwo, if you hear a strange voice calling then we recommend not immediately look back.  It was believed to be disastrous, the person would be brought by an occult who called him. Alas Purwo National Park has a lot of exotic natural beauty in the form of sites, caves, savannahs, and beaches. One of the most famous caves is Goa Istana, said to have eternal darkness, and is suitable for you who like challenges when traveling, especially for those of you who like trekking in this tropical rainforest, Whereas the beaches consist of Parang Ireng, Ngagelan Beach, Pancur Beach and Plengkung Beach.
If you have plans to go to Banyuwangi, you should visit when there is an annual tourism event held by the local government in the Tourism event.  You can check periodically on the Java Private Tour Website, usually always updating every annual event related to Java and Bali tourism in the Event Menu, which aims to promote every event in Java and Bali related to Arts, Culture, Education, science, culture and history.
One of the relics of the site in Alas Purwo is Pura Giri Selaka. The temple is located in the middle of ALas Purwo, which is about 3 km from the Plengkung beach area. The history of the Alas Purwo temple itself has an interesting story, initially around 1967 people began to find several historical sites, but did not know the knowledge of these historical relics so that stones or from the site were taken home and used to be used as stoves for cooking, and  after that, people who took part of the site were affected by calamity, and illness, or some bad luck, finally the community decided to fence off, or provide restrictions, to ensure that no one brought or moved the site, and maintained the sanctity of the Alas Purwo site. Some local people believe that the ruler of Alas Purwo on the site is called "Empu Bharadah", he is a figure who is able to divide the Brantas River with his supernatural powers.
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