Anywhr's Fundraising Event in Singapore #SGBeyondBorders

Anywhr's Fundraising Event in Singapore #SGBeyondBorders, Bogor

In general view, the name of doing business is looking for maximum profit.  It is not even rarely mentioned: "Business is business", which means that business should not be confused with feelings, because it will have negative consequences for the company.  Of course everyone has the right to have a philosophy, not only in business, but also in all aspects of human life.

Everything returned to their personal principles.

Java Private Tour has a principle, and a different perspective from the average person, that actually while doing business we also apply a life of sharing, without having to lose business opportunities, because what is needed is good intentions, and the heart's desire to do something for others, because for Java Private Tour to do good is global, be it across countries, ethnic groups, and skin colors.

Java Private Tour is determined to provide the benefits of responsible tourism to the world, and we not only want to benefit the destination, and the local community through our main business, but we also make a direct contribution to people who really need it. We believe that the success of one must feed the commitment of the other.

Java Private Tour's commitment to continually act ethically, operate legally and contribute to economic improvement, together with improving the quality of life of local communities and the wider community.

Thank you to our Tourism colleagues in Singapore, business people in Singapore, and Singapore citizens, and for supporting the program Anywhr's Fundraising Event in Singapore #SGBeyondBorders on June 20-30 2020, July 03-30 2020, and give contributed in the form of basic necessities for daily food (rice, cooking oil, sugar, vitamins) to the  tourism workers in Indonesia. So that they are helped and can continue their lives and continue working for the world of tourism.