Baduy Tribe Village

Baduy Tribe Village, Banten

Indonesia is a country rich in natural and cultural resources.  Various kinds of tribes and cultures and with their natural resources coexist in Indonesia, the cultural and natural wealth in an area is a special attraction for world tourists to visit. Banten Province is famous for its Tanjung Lesung Beach and Ujung Kulon National Park objects in the province, but if we talk about cultural wealth, in Banten province there are also villages that are unique about cultural richness.

Baduy Tribal Village, located in Cibeo village, Lebak regency, which is 50 km from Rangkasbitung, the Baduy tribe is a tribe that lives in the hinterland of Banten, the Baduy tribe is a tribe that lives in isolation from the outside world, they live simply and blend with unspoiled nature, and  the culture and way of life offered by the Baduy tribe is a distinct tourist attraction for this area.

The origin of the word Baduy is actually derived from the word Badawi, or Bedoin given by a Dutch researcher, but due to the local accent, the word was eventually shifted to the Baduy word, to reach the Baduy village which is located about 50 km from  Rangkas Bitung, Banten, for foreign tourists who want to visit Baduy village it is not recommended to travel alone, and don't use public transportation or use buses or trains, because it will certainly be very confusing, and possibly get lost, and safety is also an important reason, unless you are accompanied by a local tour guide who can speak English, and know the ins and outs of transportation, routes, and of course know about the Baduy village.

The population in this Baduy village is around 5000-8000 people, this Baduy tribe is still isolated from the outside world, they choose to uphold the customs and rules of their ancestors, this tribe is divided into two, namely the inner Baduy tribe and the outer Baduy tribe. In appearance, the Inner Baduy Tribe can be identified by wearing white clothes and headbands, while the outer Baduy tribe wore black clothes and blue headbands, culturally, the inner Baduy hold more firmly the customs of their tribe, and the outer Baduy have begun to be influenced by cultures from the outside, and open themselves, but the similarity between the two is that they never want to use footwear, modern technology and modern transportation.

Baduy has an area of ​​more than 5000 hectares, this Baduy tribal area has 56 villages, and is divided into 2 big parts, namely Inner Baduy which consists of 3 villages and Outer Baduy consisting of 53 villages. If you have entered the Inner Baduy area, you are no longer allowed to take photos, here it is highly recommended to use the services of a tour guide from the Java Private Tour, because in the Baduy village there are customs and restrictions that must be obeyed by all who are in it including visitors.

The journey will begin by looking at the houses of the Baduy tribe whose outer parts are still made of straw, if you are lucky you can document their joint activities (outer baduy), continue the journey again you will find a slightly rocky path and up and down. You will also pass through many small rivers and barns belonging to the Baduy. The houses in the Baduy village are still made of bamboo and palm fiber and all face the rising sun. The natural conservation process is also very applicable when building their traditional houses made of wood and bamboo. Seen from the contours of the land that is still tilted and not dug up in order to preserve the nature that has given them life. The houses here are built with stone as the foundation, that's why the supporting poles of the house look not the same height as the other pillars. There are 3 rooms in a Baduy traditional house with different functions, the front functions as a reception and sewing place for women, the middle section serves as a family room and bedroom, and the third room located at the back is used for cooking and a place to store crops and rice. All rooms are covered with a floor made of woven bamboo. While on the roof of the house, palm fiber or coconut tree leaves. Baduy houses are built facing each other and always face north or south.  The factor of sunlight which illuminates and enters the room becomes the choice of why the house here was built in only two directions, before entering the inner Baduy village, you will pass a wooden bridge that is not too wide. This bamboo bridge is the border that separates outer baduy and inner baduy.

The inner Baduy village area feels quieter, and many trails rise and fall. In this region you will be presented with a beautiful view of the hills that are still green and awake. The Baduy are indeed known to be very close to nature, they always take care of the nature they occupy, no wonder the villages here are still well groomed and clean. Livelihood Baduy people generally cultivate and farm. Its fertile and abundant nature makes it easy for this tribe to produce their daily needs. The produce in the form of coffee, rice and tubers is the commodity most often grown by the Baduy community. However, in the practice of farming, the Baduy do not use buffalo or cattle to cultivate their land.  Four legged animals other than dogs are strictly prohibited from entering the village in order to preserve nature.

At the end of the trip, you will stay in one of the outer Baduy houses, this is where the most usually awaited moment, you will experience life without electricity, without gadgets, and without a bathroom, which is certainly an exciting challenge for every tourist. head to the river first to shower, urinate and defecate. Here you are not allowed to use modern technology, and also may not use chemicals to clean yourself, you will really live in harmony with nature, you could say a tour exploring the Baduy tribe village is perfect for you who want nature tourism, and learn about tribal culture. Java Private Tour always has its own color in arranging an adventure, you will feel how to live one with nature in the village of the Baduy Tribe.



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