Bali Cooking Class

Bali Cooking Class, Bali

What activities will you do while on vacation in Bali?
Exploring the beach is not to be missed, because Bali Island of the Gods is synonymous with 'vitaminsea medicine', the Culinary Experience also must not be missed, because it is incomplete to visit an area without trying one by one its special food.
But what if the culinary tour but by the way you cook it yourself, even you are given the opportunity to visit traditional markets to buy ingredients for the dishes you will cook, which of course will be guided by our professional team, spices experts in Bali and our professional cooks. Java Private Tour highly recommends this activity for you, you can try the unique cooking class in Bali with Java Private Tour.
The class starts at 8 am by shopping for ingredients directly at the local traditional market, and you will see how the activities of the locals trade at the market, and how to find ingredients for your dishes, and you will be guided by Balinese cooking experts.
then when you arrive at the course area, you will be treated to Fried Bananas and Balinese Coffee as a breakfast menu, you can also watch village life in Bali with the existence of ancestral temples and building styles in the area. Then when the cooking class starts, we will show you and share your knowledge about the benefits of local Balinese ingredients. This cooking class provides interesting insights about Balinese life, beliefs and culture through learning about food, cooking, and various Balinese culinary myths and of course relaxed and friendly class discussions. Java Private Tour offers cooking classes in Bali in a unique way to give an impression that will not be forgotten.
Cooking activities will be more interesting with a walk to the Balinese Traditional House, and also to the rice fields, even you are allowed to enjoy tropical fruits in our garden, and visit the house of Hindu priests to learn about Balinese astrology. This includes our special reference to support the atmosphere in the cooking tour, there are various elements involved in it, such as : ceremonial use and religious interests. 
You are also given the opportunity to learn about the benefits of exotic spices used in Balinese ceremonies, and the daily dishes of the Balinese people, and you will be encouraged to actively help prepare traditional Balinese parties which will then be enjoyed with one or two glasses of wine  local rice, or homemade hibiscus tea.
The cooking class will run from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Please advise if you have food allergies.


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