Batik Bogor Tradisiku

Batik Bogor Tradisiku, Bogor

Bogor Batik Private Workshop Tour Start from Jakarta.

Learn about the deep Javanese philosophy behind some of the batik patterns.Preserving this rich cultural heritage tradition will continue for future generations.A short workshop on making simple batik on cotton using traditional tools:canting and stamping,wax coating and more colors.Our workshop doesn't only teach theory,and we will give you hands on experience of making traditional batik.

A challenge does not have to be about adventure and adrenaline. Trying new things is also part of the challenge. Not everyone is successful when they first make batik. Your hands must follow the beat and get used to scratching the pattern with the Canting. Of course it takes extra patience because the time needed to make a piece of cloth is not short. Precisely herein lies the challenge. Guaranteed you will be addicted.

History of Batik.
Batik art in Indonesia has been known since the days of the Majapahit Kingdom and continues to grow until now.  Batik art in general extends to Indonesia, and specifically to Java after the late 18th or early 19th century. Batik technique itself has been known for more than 1,000 years, based on artifacts and literature found from ancient Egypt or Sumeria. The batik technique is widespread in several countries in West Africa such as Nigeria, Cameroon and Mali, as well as in Asia, such as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Iran, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Until the beginning of the 20th century, the batik produced was a type of written batik. Batik Stamp type is known after World War 1 ended or around 1920. Batik art is the art of drawing on cloth for clothing which was one of the cultures of the royal family in Indonesia in ancient times. Initially batik activities were limited to the palace, and the batik produced was for the clothing of kings and families, government people, and royal descendants, but as time went by, many descendants of the kings lived outside the palace, and because of that many of them  descendants of the king who lived outside the palace, the batik art was brought by them out of the palace and also developed in their respective places until now.

In 2009 Mr.Edu from Java Private Tour as an Indonesian, was very proud to hear that Batik has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the world’s cultural heritages, and more and more Indonesian cultures have begun to be recognized internationally

Indonesian Batik Art and Culture Education Program.
Because of this admiration about Indonesia’s cultural achievements, Mr.Edu from Java Private Tour created an Indonesian Batik Art and Culture Education Program, and Mr. Edu with the Java Private Tour tried to further introduce Batik as one of Indonesia’s cultural diversity by providing direct opportunities for international tourists to interact directly with Art and Indonesian Batik Culture.

If you like the arts and culture, your visit to the city of Bogor is definitely the right choice, because in this Bogor city, precisely on the outside of the Bogor Botanical Garden complex there is a batik art gallery named ‘Batik Bogor Tradisiku. In this place you can see, even interact directly how to make a batik work, starting from the beginning to the end. There is only one way to further appreciate and explore a process in making batik art, that is, you must try to get down directly by trying to practice it directly, starting from Preparing Mori Fabrics, Wax in a Batik Technique, Painting Traditional Batik Patterns, until Coloring Process.


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The art and cultural tourism activity program which is carried out by Java Private Tour is one of them aimed at introducing batik patterns and motifs on the iconic icons of the city of Bogor, motifs ranging from drizzling rain, tugu monument, deer, raflesia arnoldi flowers, sempur garden motifs, of the many batik motifs, drizzling rain and the combination of tugu monument and deer are the most favored by tourists, and also the existence of the Bogor Batik Traditional Tradition is so that the Indonesian batik art remains sustainable and is increasingly known throughout the world. The art of Batik is not just mere works. But it is more than that, Batik Art is an identity of Indonesian national identity.

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