Batu Flower Garden

Batu Flower Garden, Malang

This nature tourism was officially opened in December 2016. Not long ago, Batu Flower Garden became a favorite destination for many visitors. Because, the instagrammable natural beauty of their destination came here.

The majority of visitors to Batu Flower Garden are young people. This is what makes this natural tour quickly known to people outside the city, because they upload beautiful photos set in beautiful scenery here on social media.

Batu Flower Garden offers a charming and exotic view. The location of this entertainment object is close to other favorite destinations such as Coban Rais. You only need half an hour to walk. While towards Malang, there is Batu Night Spectacular (BNS).

The attraction of Batu Flower Garden lies in interesting photo spots with colorful flower gardens. In addition, the air here is so cool, so it is suitable for refreshing the mind from daily activities.


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