Betutu Duck

Betutu Duck, Bali

Bebek Betutu is a side dish made from whole duck meat which contains traditional Balinese spices, then baked in husk fire. This Betutu has been known in all districts in Bali. Betutu is a type of traditional Balinese food whose raw material is duck or chicken.
Betutu duck is a type of side dish made from duck meat that has been cleaned, then put on a Balinese spice known as "base genep", on the whole surface of the duck's body and some is inserted into the abdominal cavity. Duck meat that has been seasoned is then boiled, or directly burned to produce a distinctive aroma.  The distinctive aroma that arises is due to the heating which causes the water and meat fat to evaporate. The more vapor produced, the stronger and more pleasant aroma.  According to Balinese tradition, betutu ducks are usually served at traditional ceremonies, one of which is the marriage ceremony.

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