Work from Home is no longer a work habit, but has become part of the work culture in Indonesia since April 10, 2020, and more than 4000 private companies including government agencies have participated in implementing work from home as a result of the impact of COVID-19.

To support work from home activities, meeting activities that are usually carried out face-to-face have begun to switch to the media method with Video Conferencing, this is done in order to stay connected with colleagues and the business can continue to run. There are various ways that this is done, including using various media that are used to hold meetings or video conferences, one of which is the Zoom Meeting.

As proof of Bigland Hotel Int'l & Convention Hall Bogor's support for work from home activities is by facilitating Zoom Meetings with unlimited packages, and super high-speed internet connections, and a very comfortable place. There are 7 meeting rooms, one of which is a very versatile VIP room to hold Zoom Meetings, and of course with a landscape background of Bogor City which is flanked by two Volcanic Mountains Gede Pangrango and Mount Salak.


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