Borobudur Temple Sunrise

Borobudur Temple Sunrise, Yogyakarta

Borobudur Temple is located in Magelang, Yogyakarta (Central Java). Borobudur Temple and as one of the 7 wonders of the world already has an international airport close to Borobudur Temple, namely Yogyakarta International Airport in Kulonprogo. This airport has been operating since October 2019 and has served more than 70 flight routes, and has a capacity of up to 4 million passengers. You can read more information about Borobudur Temple in this Java Private Tour article.

Borobudur Temple has become one of the worldwide priority super destinations. This magnificent temple in Magelang which has been designated by UNESCO as a world heritage has a box shaped structure with four entrances and a circular center point, and this temple is surrounded by several active volcanic mountains, namely Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, and Mount Sumbing and Sindoro (click HERE to find out about adventure activities on these mountains).

Borobudur Temple contains 2,672 relief panels. If arranged in a row, the length reaches 6 km, many interesting stories behind each sculpture, to increase your knowledge of this site, the Java Private Tour always invites every guest to explore the story about the relief of the temple walls. Java Private Tour always has a unique way to invite every international guest to visit in Borobudur Temple? Yes, because the Java Private Tour always explores the Borobudur Temple starting from the east door clockwise, then around the building to the top. This is done not without reason.

Relief of Borobudur Temple is divided into 4 main stories, namely: Karmawibhangga, Lalitawistara, Jataka or Awadana, and Gandawyuha. In addition to narrating the journey of the Buddha's life and teachings, the relief of Borobudur Temple also recorded the progress of Javanese society at that time. To be able to follow the story carved in the Borobudur Temple, you have to walk clockwise from the east door. After arriving at the starting point then go up to the next level. Similarly, until it reaches the top of Borobudur Temple. This ritual is called Pradaksina. This is the most famous temple in Indonesia, the great Buddhist Pyramid of Java, and the largest Buddhist temple in Indonesia which was built in the 9th century ago, its position is located in the northwestern region of Yogyakarta, Central Java, according to research by archaeologists, Borobudur Temple was completed in  second half of the ninth century. Borobudur Temple had been unknown and neglected for almost a thousand years, just like the Prambanan Hindu Temple Complex and the Shiva Temple Complex located in the Dieng Plateau, this happened because it was covered by a thick layer of volcanic ash from volcanic eruptions. When viewed from a distance, Borobudur Temple will look like a large stone construction arrangement, but if you look closely you can see that it consists of thousands of statues, as well as very detailed masterpieces of ancient Javanese sculpture, where the sculptures represent the teachings of Buddha and stories about the life of the Javanese people thousands of years ago.

Borobudur Sunrise Tour

Borobudur Temple is best seen at dawn, when the air is fresh. When the fog rises, the sun rises from behind the surrounding volcanoes, and highlights the stone reliefs and the many faces of the Buddha. Seeing Borobudur for the first time is often a deeply felt emotional experience. Borobudur Sunrise Tour offers a different experience where guests are given special permission to enter the monument in the morning around 04.30am before regular opening time. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from Manohara Dagi Hills to Borobudur Temple. The amazing view and peaceful morning at Borobudur Temple especially when the sun will emerge from the horizon is a truly enlightening experience!

Java Private Tour will take you to the Dagi hills of Magelang which is where philosophers met and exchanged inspiration, and this is where the name of this hill came from which in Sanskrit means Creativity or Inspiration. From Dagi Hills, the top of the highest hill in Magelang you will enjoy the sun rising slowly from behind the largest Buddhist temple in the world while you enjoy breakfast and listen to story tellers about the history of Borobudur temple.

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