Bromo Mountain Sunrise Experience

Bromo Mountain Sunrise Experience, Malang

This is the most perfect destination to include in your adventure itinerary list. This Bromo Volcano is a Smoking Volcano located in East Java, and has become an attraction that everyone dreams of. Hunting for the beauty of the rising sun is a tourism agenda that is a pity if passed when you visit Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. Java Private Tour recommends to see the sunrise from Pasuruan Regency, East Java, because it is the closest distance to the crater of Mount Bromo. This place is a post from the Java Private Tour Jeep Point located in Ngadiwono Village, Tosari District, which is only 45 minutes to the Penanjakan Peak.

There are four best locations to see the sunrise, and trips start from the Bromo Pelataran Area.

Dingklik Post,
This observation post will be the first to pass if you depart from the Pasuruan track. The location is not so far from the gate of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, only about four minutes away. The location is quite crowded by people selling. Jeep parking is available on the sides of the road.  The sights for tourists here are just like a terrace on the side of a cliff, not so wide to accommodate many tourists.

Hill of love,
The second location of the Pasuruan route is Hill Of Love (Bukit Cinta), a hill with an altitude of 2,680 meters above sea level. This location is quite popular because of its name. There is a large wall that reads Love Hill Bromo Tengger as a marker as well as a place to take pictures. From here you can already see the Tengger Caldera, namely Mount Bromo, Mount Kursi, Wanakan, and Mount Widodaren. And here you can also see the dashing highest peak on the island of Java, Mahameru Peak.

The Tengger tribe called this location the "Lemah Pasar" whose real name was "Pasar Agung", where this traditional ceremony is usually held.

Kingkong Hill,
Is the most crowded point, here are many Jeep vehicles delivering from the Java Private Tour before reaching the Penanjakan Peak, the Tengger people call this hill "Kadaluh", in Sanskrit which means hope for fertility in the Tengger region.

From this hill you can see the same view from Bukit Cinta.  Its location is in the form of a field on a hill bounded by concrete fences.  This location could be an alternative, if in Penanjakan Peak is already crowded with tourists.  Tourists who start all the way from Malang, Probolinggo, usually only get here, so they can go down first, and later to Bromo in the afternoon.

Pananjakan Peak,
Penanjakan Peak is the highest peak to see the sun rise towards the Tengger Caldera, one of which includes Mount Bromo. Of the three other places, Pananjakan has the most complete facilities, ranging from prayer rooms, toilets, to food stalls.

Also sold anti-cold equipment such as jackets, scarves, headgear and gloves. The location is in the form of a 10-story stands in the form of a half circle, of course facing east.  Exposure to the wind here is the strongest among the other rising sun spots, and at the same time the coldest. You have to prepare more equipment, especially if you stand on the outer edges of this hill.

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