Cafe Batavia

Cafe Batavia, Jakarta

I often receive questions from my friends who are mostly foreigners, or my clients who ask randomly.

"is it worth it to go to Jakarta?, What is there to do in Jakarta?, How chaotic is Jakarta?, Is a week enough time to explore Jakarta?"

When I run a lot of tours in Jakarta, obviously there are many more questions that I get related to this city of 11,000,000 inhabitants. I admit, despite the traffic jams in the city of Jakarta, Jakarta is unique and deserves to be explored in different ways, one of which is to visit Cafe Batavia in the old Jakarta city area, which in my opinion is quite unique, a lot of historical value, arts and culture that makes the city of Jakarta and Batavia Cafe worth exploring, and of course highly recommended by the Java Private Tour.

Let's start exploring!

If you ask where there is a 'Dutch' place in Indonesia, then I would recommend you to visit Jakarta.  Precisely in the area called the Jakarta Old City. At this location there is Cafe Batavia which still maintains a sense of 'Batavia' in the colonial era, through this review the Java Private Tour will invite you Javalovers to enter the 'time tunnel' back to the colonial era.

Jakarta is now one of the amazing cities with various tourist destinations. Especially if you want to add insight into history. One place not to be missed is Cafe Batavia. Here, Javalovers can even while eating a variety of menus. From its distinctive old fashioned windows, Javalovers can see the Old City bustling with visitors especially on weekends. Right across from it is a large building that was once the Dutch era City Hall Building, now called the Fatahillah Museum. In this Cafe there are also a number of photos from the colonial era that are also exhibited to commemorate the city of Jakarta in ancient times, the preparation of photos and how to take photos is very thick with colonial art photography, anyone will be amazed when visiting this Cafe.

Cafe Batavia began to be built in 1837, and is the second oldest building after the City Hall Building in front of it, the Dutch era City Hall, which is now called the Fatahillah Museum, in the period when the Dutch were still in power in Indonesia. Initially this building was provided to support government activities. But after a while, this cafe has several times a transfer of ownership, after being owned by one of the Arab merchants, then in 1990 a Frenchman named Paul bought it to be used as a painting gallery, and then in 1991 was bought by someone else and used as a cafe to this day.

Javalovers who want to find a hangout with a unique and different atmosphere in Jakarta from the usual hangout places in Jakarta, try to visit Cafe Batavia in the Old Town area, every corner in this place can not be separated from the colonial feel. The front part is laid out like European shop terraces, complete with plants and relaxed chairs. On the first floor there are stage shows. The bar on the second floor is also full of various kinds of drinks. Sitting in this cafe will make you feel like you are back in the past. Although still maintaining the style of buildings and classical European ornaments. But the manager of these culinary places in Jakarta also provides special Indonesian menus. One thing you need to try is the Balinese Duck Rice dish, the meat is very tender and the flavor of the spices mixed with Balinese special spices adds to the very Indonesian taste.

In addition to the style of the building and the menu, there is one more thing that will make you Javalovers feel amazed, that is the toilets in this Cafe which are very unique, so unique and rarely exist in other places, the walls are decorated with many photos made with very unique, although there are some of them appear vulgar, but that's art. Not only that, a large glass wall was attached to the toilet. The sink was made in the antique style of the 1950s.

Those are some things about Batavia Cafe and some unique portraits. This unique place in Jakarta has its own charm. Does Javalovers intend to travel to the Old City, Don't forget to stop by and relax at this place.


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