Chatedral Church

Chatedral Church

The Cathedral Church which is now more than 100 years old is not only known as a place of worship.  But the Cathedral has also been designated as one of the cultural heritage buildings.  Lots of history and interesting facts from the Cathedral Church.

The following, Java Private Tour will give you some facts about the Cathedral that you might not know about :


The Real Name.

The Cathedral Church was inaugurated in February 1810. The official name of this church is "the Blessed Saint Mary of the Assumption of Heaven", or in Dutch it is also called De Kerk van Onze Lieve Vrouwe ten Hemelopneming. However, in 1890 the cathedral church had collapsed, because it experienced a fire that was quite severe. At that time, worship was carried out in the horse drawn carriage garage on the other side of the church. After being rebuilt, the church was inaugurated in 1901, and blessed on April 21, 1901.

Three Towers.

The church building was made to resemble a cross, with an area of ??about 35 meters and a width of 17 meters. This church has 3 main towers, each tower has a name: 1st Tower of David, 2nd Ivory Tower, and 3rd Angelus Dei Tower. Each tower also has a different height. The Fortress Tower of David and the Ivory Tower are 60 meters high. While the Angelus Dei Tower has a height of 45 meters.


Bells on the tower.

There are 3 bells placed in the Cathedral Church tower.  The bell was presented by Clement George Marie van Arcken. Whereas in the Ivory Tower there are smaller bells and donated by Chasse. While the biggest bell called Wilhelmus is a gift from J.H.  de Wit. This bell rings three times a day.

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Cathedral Museum.

The museum was inaugurated on April 28, 1991 by Mgr Julius Darmaatmadja. The construction of the Cathedral museum was initiated by the head of the Cathedral at the time, Father Rudolf Kurris. According to him, historical objects can awaken admiration for the past, and his desire to channel knowledge from generation to generation. The Cathedral Museum is in the Cathedral balcony room. The Cathedral Museum is open almost every day, except Fridays, and visitors are free of charge to enter, but must fill in the guest book first.


Visited By The Pope.

Recorded two Popes who have visited the Cathedral Church.  They are Pope Paulus VI in 1970 and Pope Johannes Paulus II in 1989.


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