Chicken Tum

Chicken Tum, Bali

Tum Ayam (Chicken Tum) is a traditional Balinese food. As the name implies, this food uses chicken as the main raw material. The word "tum" in the Balinese language means wrapped, in general, chicken tum can be interpreted as chicken meat that is processed by wrapping. Usually, the wrapper used is banana leaf.  Chicken tum is served at various celebratory events in Bali. However, tum chicken can also be served for daily consumption.
Chicken tum is suitable when it is still hot or just cooking. Chicken tum is suitable as a complement to white rice. For those who like spicy, tum chicken can be cooked with more chili, or can also add chili pieces to chicken tum that has been served with rice. The taste of chicken meat has been blended with herbs and spices, and the savory taste of coconut that is used is quite pronounced, besides that, the banana leaf used as a wrapper also adds its own aroma.

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