China Town Nine Plot Market

China Town Nine Plot Market, Jakarta

Among the tall buildings in Jakarta, there is one unique tourist place to visit, namely Chinatown Nine Plot or commonly called in Indonesian "Pecinan Petak Sembilan" located in the Glodok area, this place is not far from Jakarta Old Town, this place could be the right alternative for those of you who like to walk around but are bored with the Mall Situation in Jakarta. Besides being very thick with Chinese ethnic history, Chinatown Nine Plot also has modern elements that make it so unique for you to explore. 

China Town Nine Plot is located along Kemenangan III Street 13, Glodok, Taman Sari, West Jakarta. Java Private Tour always do a walking tour in this Chinatown, the reason is to be more free and avoid traffic jams, and we can also more freely explore some interesting areas there. Along the way you will find many red lanterns accessories, similar to those commonly found during the Chinese New Year, and on the left and right sides of the Nine Plot Chinatown there are many buildings that provide various kinds of equipment for Buddhist and Confucian worship. So don't be surprised if you smell nice when walking down the streets of Chinatown Nine Plot. One of the buildings that sells the most complete worship equipment is the Sinar Surya kiosk. You can find a package of prayer equipment for Goddess Kwan Im there, such as ancient gold coins, gold bars, and pineapple armed with money all made of paper.

Although it is a market, the Chinatown Market is arguably quite different from other markets that you normally encounter in Jakarta or Indonesia. In this Chinatown Market, you will find many cooking ingredients that are not sold in other traditional markets, such as frogs, both still alive and ready to cook, various types of mushrooms and herbs, roots, medicinal ingredients, etc. Uniquely, the majority of sellers and buyers communicate using Mandarin, further strengthening the Chinese feel that is felt in Chinatown Nine Plot Market.

If you walk to several stalls there, you will find quite a lot of adult men who look cool chatting while doing yam cha, the tradition of drinking tea originating from Guangdong China. Chinatown Market is also famous for traditional Chinese medicine shops. One of the most famous is Karti Djaja Drugstore or another name is Hok Seng Tong 34. Starting from the concoction of pills, tablets or capsules, and various types of traditional Chinese herbal medicines are available there.

How, are you ready to explore Chinatown Nine Plot Market with the Java Private Tour?. Don't forget to bring a camera because the view of the streets and the market here is very unique, especially for those of you who like photography.


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