Citambur Waterfall

Citambur Waterfall, Cianjur

Is it worth visiting Citambur Waterfall in South Cianjur with a 4 hour trip from Jakarta?, that is a question that is often asked. I will quickly answer, "very much worth it!". I guarantee you will be amazed when you arrive in front of the waterfall which has a height of 100 meters with a view of the surroundings that are so very exotic. This waterfall is located in Cinangka Village and Karang Jaya Village, Pasir Kuda District, southern Cianjur Regency.

How to get to Citambur waterfall

If you are a foreign citizen who is on vacation and want to visit Citambur Waterfall, then you not only need a tour guide, but you also need an experienced driver, who can also act as your tour guide, and can even talk and communicate explaining everything about  This place is in English, and of course gives you the experience of local Javanese cultural wisdom to you.

If you are not in a hurry and have a lot of time on the island of Java, then my advice from Jakarta is that you can go through Puncak Bogor, West Java or commonly known as the Bogor - Bandung Route, because along this route there are many interesting places to visit, such as the National Park,  exploring active volcanic craters, tea plantations, paragliding adventures, off-road adventures, tropical rainforest exploration adventures, adventure tours in the wild education of Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor, and so on. You can click the blue link in the text Bogor Favorite Destination, Bogor Adventure - Bandung Favorite Destination, Bandung Adventure here for information on interesting places along the Bogor-Bandung route.

But if you don't have much time, my advice is that you can use the Cikampek Toll route which leads directly to the city of Bandung.

Environmental Conditions of Citambur Waterfall

When you arrive in the parking area, you will be among the trees that are quite wide, around which there are various culinary stalls of West Java Sundanese food that you can try one by one, simple inn bungalows that are neatly arranged, and also a flower garden, then  You can continue the path to go up to the higher ground with a path that has been made for access to the waterfall which is on the cliff side of the waterfall, But you have to be careful going through this path, especially if it's raining, the path will be very slippery. When you reach the high level, then from up here if you look out of the waterfall, you will see a row of hills with the rice fields below, a burst of ray of light towards the evening will add to the exoticism of this waterfall.

To see the best view of this waterfall, you have to go down again and the path is still all ground, don't worry, the path is not steep. underneath because it is covered with cliffs and mossy rocks in front of it, the existence of these rocks is what adds to the photogenic Citambur Waterfall, and the second terrace pool is also covered with two boulders, with these two boulders you can pose with the waterfall background, when the water discharge is large enough, the splashes will feel soothing even though you don't make your clothes wet, and in the second terrace pool you can soak, but in the first terrace pool you won't be able to soak, even you can't reach the first terrace pool because it's covered with high cliffs.

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