Cow Skin Cracker

Cow Skin Cracker, Garut

This cowhide cracker is named "Dorokdok", which means Sundanese language to name cowhide crackers, this food can also be used as a side dish, especially with vegetable dishes, small in shape resembling sea coral pebbles, some as big as the index finger  thumb, this food characterizes the special Garut area.
Dorokdok is a culinary that must be tasted. This culinary is included in the category of crackers, more crispy and of course savory. Not surprisingly, this one culinary place in the hearts of culinary lovers. Crunchiness is indeed the original nature. But the typical Garut crackers are different from crackers in general, because crackers are usually made from flour, flour is processed in such a way, formed, dried and then fried.  But this one cracker is not made from flour, but rather made from animal skin. This skin cracker indeed increases the curiosity of the guests of foreign tourists, especially when exploring the Garut area with Java Private Tour.  Many are curious about the taste.  Even how to process it until the animal skin can be used as crunchy food like that.
Animal skin that is usually used for making crackers is buffalo animal skin. But there are also those who use cow skin. But most use buffalo which is very easy to find in Garut, the selection is also selective in the selection of the skin. The skin chosen as a basic ingredient for crackers is young animal skin. While animal skin that is old will not be used, then do the first drying process, usually takes 3 days, while the second process takes one night, of course, it takes a long time to get the perfect quality of skin crackers. The long process, followed by rare raw materials, makes the selling price more expensive, the selling price varies.  It all depends on how much it costs the maker when buying raw materials. These crackers do need to be dried, this drying process certainly requires quite good sunlight. But there are also those who use the oven as a medium to dry crackers. In its own way, the use of sunlight is far better. Crackers can dry with shape and produce a more fitting taste. While drying through the oven does not provide maximum results.


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