De Djawatan Jungle

De Djawatan Jungle, Banyuwangi

It is not wrong indeed if the nickname Sunrise of Java was given to Banyuwangi.  This city at the eastern end of the island of Java is famous for its diverse cultural heritage and stunning attractions.  Starting from the Osing Tribe, a typical culinary salad, until the Gajah Oling batik motif that is worldwide. The most hits now is Djawatan Jungle Benculuk Banyuwangi. 
Banyuwangi is quite aggressively promoting its tourism, and access to the city is made easier.  Blimbingsari has been transformed into an international airport, with a route that connects directly to Malaysia. Banyuwangi now has many tourist destinations that are worth visiting. Call it the Baluran National Park which is often called Afrika van Java, Ijen Crater, or Pulau Merah Beach. The beauty of the regency, which is on the eastern tip of Java, is indeed shining. Geographically, and its location bordering Bali, and has a great potential to improve tourism.
Banyuwangi doesn't seem to want to be left behind with so many instagramable photo spots like in Yogyakarta, Bandung or Malang. Banyuwangi now has a hits destination that you must go to.  A forest named de Djawatan which very similar to the Fangorn forest in the film The Lord of the Rings, so you don't need to go far to New Zealand, because Banyuwangi East Java has it. The Java Private Tour recommends visiting this forest in the afternoon, when faint sunlight infiltrates in the thickets after the trees in the forest, the trees combined with sunlight, which I believe is perfect for hunting photography.  This is certainly very satisfying the desires of the lovers of instagramable spots.
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