Djuanda Forest Park

Djuanda Forest Park, Bandung

In the area of ​​the city of Bandung, precisely in the north, there is a natural tourist location close enough to be accessed from the center of Bandung. Indonesian people call it Taman Hutan Raya (Tahura Djuanda) or commonly referred to as Ir. H. Djuanda Tahura, stretching from the Dago Pakar area (Dago Waterfall) to the Maribaya-Lembang area. Because of its vast area, some belong to the downtown area of ​​Bandung, while others enter the western part of Bandung regency.  Because of its location that crosses these two regions, Tahura Djuanda is managed by the Culture and Tourism Office of West Java Province.

Initially Tahura Djuanda was included in the Mount Pulosari Protected Forest area which was formalized by the Dutch East Indies government in 1922. After the proclamation of independence, the status of this forest became a state forest area, which was then conceptualized as a tourist forest and botanical garden area. In 1963, Ir.R. Djoeanda Kartawidjaja (the last Prime Minister of Indonesia and the originator of the Djuanda declaration) died and his name was enshrined as the name of this forest area by the name of the Botanical Gardens Recreation Ir.H.Djuanda along with the change in name Dago Street becomes Ir.H.Djuanda Street.

In 1980 the status of this forest in the area of ​​the tourist park with the name Dago Waterfall Tourism Park, then there was a change in the status of this tourism park changed to Forest Park through Presidential Decree No.3 of 1985 which was inaugurated to coincide with the birthday of Ir.H. Djuanda on January 14, 1985, and this place is listed as the first Forest Forest Park in Indonesia.

Typical highland forest vegetation can be seen from the fairly dominant Pinus (Pinus merkusii) plants, besides pine, in Tahura Djuanda there is still extraordinary biodiversity. There are recorded 2500 varieties of plants spread in 40 families and 112 genera. This collection of plants comes from the Bogor Botanical Gardens and is a collection of plants from various regions in Indonesia. Located at an altitude between 770 masl to 1330 masl, and of course the fresh mountain air, you can do various activities in the Forest Park Djuanda, activities that generally have the theme of natural adventure, like hiking in a cave, Treking, or exercising.

In addition to this extraordinary natural wealth, in Tahura Djuanda there are several historical objects that are the main attraction of this region. Among these objects is the Museum Ir. H. Djuanda, Dutch Cave, Japanese Cave, Omas Waterfall, Koleang Waterfall, Kidang Waterfall, Palace Cliffs (tebing keraton) and to reach the various objects, we can do trekking by crossing a paved block that runs from the south gate at Dago Pakar to the north gate at Maribaya.

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