Dodol, Garut

Garut Dodol has long been known, even known internationally, and is often the food souvenir most often purchased by local tourists, as well as international tourists visiting the Garut area of ​​West Java. This traditional cake type food has even succeeded in placing Garut as a high quality dodol-producing area. Because of its popularity, this dodol can be found in most parts of Indonesia.

Dodol is a sweet cake from Indonesia, which has a sticky texture. In order to produce quality Dodol, the manufacturing process takes days, and requires special skills. The main ingredients for making dodol are coconut milk, glutinous rice flour, sugar, brown sugar, and salt, and mix various kinds of fruit and spices to determine what dodol taste like, because dodol has a variety of flavors, there is dodol which has durian flavor, soursop flavor, jackfruit flavor, and ginger flavor. Even though you don't use preservatives, don't worry because the natural ingredients for making dodol Garut can last up to three months.

The taste and texture of the dodol in the Garut area, West Java, is very different from other regions in Indonesia, the dodol in Garut varies widely in taste, and there are many types of dodol in Garut, including sesame dodol, peanut lunkhead, various fruit dodol such as pineapple lunkhead, jackfruit lunkhead, tomato lunkhead, dodol jackfruit, Durian Dodol and other fruits.

The most popular flavor variant is Chocodot (the world's first lunkhead chocolate), and if you go back to the past in 1926 about the origin of the Garut Dodol, the Garut Dodol Industry was originally developed by a woman entrepreneur named Karsinah, but over time, currently Garut Dodol is produced by a company called Dodol Garut Picnic PT. Herlinah Cipta Pratama, which is one of the trademarks of Dodol Garut which is already very well known in Indonesia which is engaged in the food industry and general trading, and is the most popular brand and is one of the icons of the City of Garut, West Java, and this Dodol Garut Picnic has actually been marketed to Malaysia and Singapore.

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