Domas Crater Natural Hot Spring Experience

Domas Crater Natural Hot Spring Experience, Bandung

There are two types of tours that are very closely related to Bandung. First is shopping tourism, and the second is nature tourism. In Bandung, many natural nuances of tourism are encountered in the Lembang area.  This area is a mountainous region with very cool air. One of the natural attractions and active volcanic mountains in this area is Tangkuban Perahu Mountain.
Tangkuban Perahu Mountain has several craters that are targeted by nature lovers. One of them is Domas Crater. The Domas Crater is indeed not as big as the other craters around the Tangkuban Perahu mountain, such as Ratu Crater and Upas Crater. However, Domas Crater actually has a uniqueness that is not shared by the two craters.  Imagine, in some hot water holes formed by nature here, we can even cook eggs directly from the crater water.
The shape of the Domas Crater is different from Ratu Crater and Upas Crater. In this Domas Crater there are many pools of natural hot water coming from volcanic mountains that are still active and sulfur substances that are so abundant around the Domas Crater and also the Tangkuban Perahu Mountain area. 
The visitors usually use this hot spring to soak feet and can even for the whole body, because bathing here can be a natural remedy to eliminate various skin diseases. I am sure you will like it, soaking in natural hot water surrounded by mountain views and cool mountain air, and each pool has a different temperature, the pool to soak the human body and to boil the eggs the temperature is different, so you don't be afraid to go into the wrong pool, because our crew will accompany you to do activities in this crater.
The location of Domas Crater is around 1.2 km from the main crater of Mount Tangkuban Perahu, which is named Ratu Crater. And more interesting, we can trek through the tropical rain forest to get to the location of Domas Crater, do not be afraid to get lost, because the Crew from the Java Private Tour will accompany you in each of your tour activities in exploring this tropical rainforest and domas crater, even along the way to explore the Java Private Tour crew will tell a lot about the nature, history and current conditions about flora and fauna associated with Mount Tangkuban Perahu, Domas Crater and this tropical rain forest.
When trekking to the location of Domas Crater you should avoid using flip flops to make it more comfortable. The trip to the location of Domas Crater is guaranteed not to be boring because the natural atmosphere of the mountains is so beautiful and cool. Have a picnic, and don't panic.

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