Donate Humanitarian Assistance to Indonesian Children

Donate Humanitarian Assistance to Indonesian Children, JAVA BALI

Make a difference in a child's life. Support orphans to have a better quality of life.

Why do we have to love orphans?
You who still have parents should feel grateful, when you need something, you can still ask them, when you are having difficulties, they are always there to support you, when you are sad, they are always near you and hug you.
But if orphans, they want to run to ask for help to who?, And ask to whom?
Then love the orphans. When they don't have anyone to lean on, they will lean on God, when they don't have anyone to ask for help, then they immediately ask God, hug them then God will soften your hearts.

All children have the right to proper education to be hope for the future, nutritious nutrition, guaranteed health, and protection wherever they live. We work together with orphanages and community programs throughout Indonesia, one of them is a Mandiri Cipta Madani Indonesia Foundation (YMCMI) Orphanage (Pondok Yatim) Bogor West Of Java.

To ensure every child gets the quality of care and dignity that is their right. We work hard to meet the most basic needs of life, food, water, shelter, health care and education for children, and their parents who are most in need in Indonesia. There are still many children who have nothing, in rural Indonesia every day many children die in vain, just because they are poor and do not have anyone to go to, natural disasters, the Covid 19 pandemic which resulted in an economic crisis that was a gateway to poverty, killed adults every day and innocent civilians, then left their children alone in poverty, many of them living in dirty conditions, and looking for  find food at the end of the trash, and the girls turn to the world of prostitution to survive. I know how generous you are to support our life saving work for those in need, your donation can save and improve the lives of many young people. To do all this we need the support of people like you.

One of the activities of the Java Private Tour in conducting humanitarian activities is fundraising to help abandoned children in Indonesia, by giving them appropriate clothing to wear, food and drink, and helping facilitate education, as well as providing educational guidance according to the talents and interests of the child to be able to become an independent person in the future, Java Private Tour has a vision and mission to bring these children to a better future.
Our great hope to you, to help reach out as a form of assistance to the future of these children as the future successor of the world. It is very sad when we see people who have high degrees in terms of position, wealth and dissipation but spend their money in vain, here are still many children who need help to make ends meet, and struggle from the rigors of street life.
If it doesn't start from us to help them, then who else should start to do it?
All humanitarian activities carried out by the Java Private Tour are based on personal initiative from the Java Private Tour, and there is no assistance or connection with the Indonesian Government. But all movements from humanitarian activities made by the Java Private Tour are very limited, and will not be able to continue to be done alone by me and my team, we need support from various countries outside Indonesia
As proof of the help you provide and collected, we distribute it well to people who really need it, so we will document every humanitarian activity on our social media and website, Java Private Tour and its creative team are currently trying hard to develop everything so that it can be useful for many people.
For those of you who intend to make a donation can be sent via a transfer between bank accounts, paypall, western union and can provide information "donations" on the news of money transfers, or for the sake of discipline and a mandate to facilitate the channelling in order not to mix with other funds, please add the nominal 1–(one cents), For Example : Rp. 100.013,- or Rp. 200.001,- or Rp. 300.001, and so on. Please confirm if you have made a transfer, so that we can immediately distribute the assistance you provide to those who need it.
Or you want to provide assistance in the form of food or other things, for more information you can connect to our live chat service or email or whatsapps listed on this website.

*Click HERE to see our Humanitarian Activities.

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Bank Name : Bank Central Asia

Account Name : Edu Lahar Pragowo

IBAN/BBAN/Account number : 6610644404


Code Branch : 0146610

Bank address : BCA KCP Proklamasi Depok West Java Indonesia


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