Donate to Drivers,Tour Guides,and Indonesian Tourism Workers

Donate to Drivers,Tour Guides,and Indonesian Tourism Workers, JAVA BALI

The world is slowing down, all movements and future planning are stopped slowly but surely, the global pandemic outbreak that has struck has made various aspects of life rest for a while, the flurry in various sectors is instantly lethargic and weakened, because the impact of the invisible virus turns out to be so wide and  massive.

Indonesia, is one of the countries, which is fighting against the spread of COVID-19, based on data from the task division for the acceleration of handling COVID-19 in Indonesia, positive numbers confirmed COVID-19 as of April 17, 2020 reached 5,923 cases. The virus also caused a total of 520 fatalities as of April 17, 2020. This extraordinary event forced the Indonesian government to impose large-scale social restrictions, however, this regulation seems to have an impact on all areas of life ranging from the economic, political, and socio-cultural sectors, and one of the aspects that really felt the domino effect of this pandemic, is the Indonesian tourism and transportation sector. In fact, Indonesia's tourism sector is the second largest foreign exchange earner in Indonesia.

Limitation of outdoor activities, surely able to kill all activities in this sector. The disappearance of income for tourism and transportation businesses, has led to a deadlock for meeting the needs of their families' lives, the loss of livelihoods and uncertain future dreams, making workers in the tourism sector demanded to find a way out amid a situation that is not conducive. It's sad, because there are still many heard of their families struggling to continue living in the middle of a pandemic that is rife. They must remain upright and walk even at the end of the impasse.

The slow and stagnant performance of the government in overcoming this problem has made the hopes and dreams of tourism businesses increasingly collapse.  Many of them are trying to find an alternative way, but not a few who fell and went bankrupt. Their future now looks faint and faltering.  Even many of them, who were forced to sell all valuables, for the sake of family survival.

The condition of Indonesia's tourism sector is insulated, helped undermine the ideals of those involved.  This is a big threat, not only to the economic sustainability of the country, but also to the economic income of many families. They, especially tourism and transportation workers, are fighting two issues.  Being in the boundary of a dilemma between protecting health, but also struggling with the lack of income. Bloody planning life plans for the future, to revive the pulse of family income.

This epidemic is learning for citizens of the world, to work together to help each other. Provide love and support for fellow citizens of the world who suffer. It's time for us to embrace one another, even though we are without touching, helping and encouraging each other all the time. To protect each other, even though we are separated by distance and time.

Many people say, "don't keep giving fish to people in distress, but teach them to know and learn how to fish in order to get fish".

To be honest, the current conditions for applying this proverb are very impossible and difficult, because there is nothing that can be done in my country, nothing can make money for the necessities of life, "we are like fishing in a dry pond".

All humanitarian activities carried out by the Java Private Tour are based on personal initiative from the Java Private Tour, and there is no assistance or connection with the Indonesian Government. But all movements from humanitarian activities made by the Java Private Tour are very limited, and will not be able to continue to be done alone by me and my team, we need support from various countries outside Indonesia

Java Private Tour was also concerned, and tried as much as possible to provide the best for Indonesia, and even the Java Private Tour tried to provide something beneficial for the good of the World. It is very hopeful that the Java Private Tour will be able to participate together with you to fight the corona covid 19 virus, not only in Indonesia, but throughout the world. Stay at home and stay safe. Let's look at the future together.

For those of you who intend to make a donation can be sent via a transfer between bank accounts, paypall, western union and can provide information "donations" on the news of money transfers, or for the sake of discipline and a mandate to facilitate the channelling in order not to mix with other funds, please add the nominal 1–(one cents), For Example : Rp. 100.013,- or Rp. 200.001,- or Rp. 300.001, and so on. Please confirm if you have made a transfer, so that we can immediately distribute the assistance you provide to those who need it.

or you want to provide assistance in the form of food or other things, for more information you can connect to our live chat service or email or whatsapps listed on this website.


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