Explore Merapi Mountain Eruption Site (Jeep Adventure)

Explore Merapi Mountain Eruption Site (Jeep Adventure), Yogyakarta

You will be invited to explore the remaining eruption of Mount Merapi in 2010 using the Classic Jeep at the foot of Mount Merapi - Kaliurang.  1 jeep can be filled with 3-4 people (passengers), so you can enjoy the excitement of this Merapi jeep tour with your family or your vacation friends.
This tour offers many variations of trip duration and choice of visit points. The Sisa Hartaku Museum and the Merapi Bunker at Kaliadem are the favorite visiting points. Apart from these 2 points, there are still options for visits to Alien Stone, The Lost World Castle, Stone Henge, Kalikuning, Mbah Maridjan Village.
Seeing the effects of Merapi's eruption directly, which is quite powerful.  The eruption made all the local residents forced to flee to save themselves from the eruption and the hot clouds that issued. Along the way, during the Lava Tour, you can see firsthand the effects of the eruption of Mount Merapi in 2010, including you can see firsthand the effects of the 2010 Merapi eruption and hot clouds at the Sisa Hartaku Museum. In the museum that used to be a resident's house, you can find a motorcycle frame, a television tube, household and kitchen equipment, music equipment (formerly, this house is also an art studio), even a cow skeleton, which was scorched because of the effects of the eruption of Mount  Merapi 2010.
The view from the foot of Mount Merapi is very worth enjoying, especially if you choose the Sunrise Private Java Lava Tour package. In addition to its natural panorama, you can witness firsthand the splendor of Mount Merapi from close range during this lava tour. The Merapi Jeep Tour will also invite you to visit the Merapi Bunker at Kaliadem which was once a hiding place and shelter from hot lava during an eruption. This Merapi bunker is the most favorite visit point of the Merapi Lava Tour, because from this visit you can see Mount Merapi standing proudly and beautifully from a short distance (the distance of the bunker from the peak of Merapi is only about 4 km). From this location too, we can see the sun rise in the morning, or sunset in the afternoon.



Unleash your inner adventure with a jeep tour with a thrilling Java Private Tour on Mount Merapi. The wildest experience in Java, hold on tight as you explore the rocky trails and secluded trails of Mount Merapi. This is an opportunity that won't come a second time, exploring the foothills of an active stratovolcano to see the legendary Mount Merapi. Offroad expedition services with Java Private Tour include private hotel pick-up and drop-off.


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